Fresh and citrusy, Lemon essential oil is your go-to pick me up oil. Whenever you are feeling a bit down or the kids are grumpy after school, get out the lemon oil and the world will look so much brighter!

Speaking of which, you can also put a drop or two of this oil in your whites wash instead of any other nasty chemicals and be blinded when you hang it on the line!

As with any essential oil you will also find it useful to have around when you run out of the fruit in the middle of a cooking bonanza (or you just simply refuse to pay $1 per lemon in summer!) – a swirl of a toothpick in your essential oil and then in your dish will give it the boost you were looking for.

This delightful citrus essential oil is also very handy when trying to manage wintery seasonal threats.

The Oil of Focus, lemon will help you to transition from confusion and lack of engagement, to clarity and alertness.

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