Basil is known as the Oil of Renewal.

It supports us to move towards our destiny with trust and heart, rather than ego,  allowing guidance from the intuition and true self expression.

This sweet herbaceous oil rejuvenates when we are suffering from overwhelming mental or physical exhaustion. It improves our energies on all levels to increase resilience to all types of stressors and its benefits have been found to include improving sleep and memory (perhaps this is yet another benefit of the Mediterranean diet, which uses this herb extensively!)

Traditionally, Basil has also been used for respiratory and digestive problems.

NB. Basil should not be used by those who are pregnant or have epilepsy and when applying topically it needs to be diluted for sensitive skin

Another essential oil that is great for stress reduction via hormonal balance is Clary Sage.

Emotionally Basil will help you to move from feeling insecure to instead being able to be expressive.

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