Headache – try the amazing Past Tense Essential Oil Blend!

Overwhelm is a metaphysical cause of headache – trying to do too many things, especially when they are not things that meet your needs. Trying to please other people too often instead of yourself. Neglecting to focus on yourself.

What are you afraid of, what would happen if you stopped being so busy and took some me time? Using the headache as an excuse not to do things. What would you be doing if you didn’t have a headache?

Essential oils can be super effective for treating headaches. PastTense Tension Blend offers a convenient and easy way to ground and balance emotions. This DoTerra blend was carefully crafted with essential oils that contain cooling, calming, and soothing properties.

The calming effects of PastTense oil can quickly be felt when applied to the neck, shoulders, or behind the ears. PastTense comes in a 10mL roll-on bottle, which makes it convenient for quick access and on-the-go occasions.

Another essential oil that we highly recommend for the relief of headaches is Peppermint.

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