Think of OnGuard® essential oil blend as your own personal knight in shining armour – protecting against environmental and seasonal threats!

It is fantastic to use the minute the wintery weather hits each year.  Scientists in China have already conducted preliminary research into the seasonal support provided to the immune system by Eucalyptol, which is of course found in one of the key ingredients of On Guard, eucalyptus.

With all its great germ-killing properties, needless to say On Guard is also a great oil to use in household cleaning (pre-made products are available, just contact us).

On Guard® comes in several different forms – including beadlets  and throat drops – to make it perfect for the whole family to use. It has a really pleasant aroma too (combining orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary) making it a great one to diffuse throughout winter.

The Oil of Protection, On Guard will help you to manage feelings of vulnerability, and replace them with a strong sense of independence.

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On Guard essential oil comes in a 15ml size.