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You can heal yourself through learning new nourishing choices…

Nourish and Heal the Whole You

Nourish & Heal the Whole You is an immersive training program to improve your health and wellbeing with a nourishing combination of modern science and ancient healing wisdom.  It provides you with support of both a practical and energetic nature to heal and explore yourself completely as a whole being, a being that is all things – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We all have the innate ability to manage our health and wellbeing concerns and even heal ourselves through making nourishing choices, whether the goal is to overcome a broken heart, to find the true self again in mid-life, to repair from chronic illness, to change your relationship with food, or to resolve ongoing emotional imbalance or physical pain.  However, most of us need support to be able to start and maintain a healing journey, especially when we are trying to overcome a long-term issue.

You may simply feel like something could be ‘better’ for you, on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level – rather than knowing exactly what it is that you need to ‘fix’.  It is wonderful to take a proactive approach to health and wellbeing because it is when we don’t deal with things on the underlying levels that they eventually present themselves as a physical or mental health problem.

Nourish & Heal the Whole You is available as an Individual program (if you would like targeted, personalised guidance for your healing journey) or a Group program (if you would like to take this exciting healing adventure with some other like-minded individuals).

Nourish & Heal the Whole You

5 Star Wellbeing

Nourish & Heal the Whole You brings in all components of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing, therefore including all the things that we can and should carefully nourish ourselves with: Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being.  The program takes you on a deep dive into each of your energy centres (chakras) looking at how you can balance and improve your health and wellbeing and provides you with detailed guidance to make changes to do this by nourishing yourself in new and different ways, using specific foods, types of movement, enhanced sleep, detoxified surroundings, meditations, visualisations, affirmations, communication, creativity and self-exploration.

Each aspect of 5 Star Wellbeing interacts with all the other aspects, and therefore they are all just as important as each other, and it is impossible to have complete, holistic wellbeing without addressing them all.


The Food aspect is pretty self explanatory – food is the physical energy that we put into our bodies.  However, as well as assessing what the actual physical food is that you eat we also look at how you eat, when you eat and why you eat.  Alcohol and caffeine are also dealt with under this aspect.  Food is medicine and is one of the key tools that we use for healing in this program.


Most people think of Movement simply as exercise but it is much broader than that!  We look at all the types of movement that you engage in, including sitting, and whether you ever have moments of not doing anything!  How and when you move can impact each of the other 5 Star Wellbeing aspects.  We can use movement of all types – especially those that are more gentle such as walking, yoga, tai chi – to heal.


Sleep is the most readily available and cost effective healing tool that you have at your disposal but unfortunately in modern western society it is not very well respected!  We will look at how and when you sleep, your dreams and how this aspect has a symbiotic relationship with each of the other aspects. Ways to enhance the quality and quantity of your sleep will be key healing tools provided.


We often don’t realise what a big impact our surroundings can have on our wellbeing, but where we can control them they are often an easy way to improve our lives.  In this aspect we are especially interested in all of the toxins that surround us in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use on our bodies and in our homes.  We also delve into the healing powers of colours and nature, as well as crystals and essential oils.


The last aspect of 5 Star Wellbeing really encompasses everything else that can impact on our wellbeing – occupation/ job, relationships, learning and development, and just having fun – with a particular focus on mental, emotional and spiritual health.  We explore tools that we can use to heal this aspect including meditation, visualisation, affirmations and energy healing.

Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing

Energy Centres (Chakras)

The vitality and balance of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is correlated with the energy balance of your main energy centres (or chakras).  These energy centres exist and work on all energetic levels of an individual – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  All traditional healing practices recognise the same energy centres, although different traditions call them different things.  The commonly used word ‘chakra’ comes from the Indian tradition and is a sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. The action of the chakras is indeed like a spinning wheel or vortex of energy. Medical science is beginning to be able to detect the location of chakras and understand their importance.  Energy healing practitioners can detect how balanced and ‘healthy’ the chakras are by observing how the energy flows.  When a chakra is balanced the energy will flow in a clockwise direction.

We all have 7 main Chakras and many minor chakras.  Each of the 7 main Chakras is associated with particular aspects of your body, mind and emotions. Each Chakra has its own particular energetic vibration that also equate to sounds, colours and elements.

Chakras are areas in our bodies that are particularly open to receiving energy and therefore are often utilised in energy healing practises. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and being in a state of energetic balance allows this healing to occur. Each chakra particularly loves receiving energy that sits on the same vibration or frequency.  The first chakra has great affinity with earth energy and physical survival; the second chakra with moon energy, water, movement and creation; the third chakra with sun and fire energy, as well as transformation; the fourth chakra with air and breath, and the energy of love, and circulation; the fifth chakra with sound, and the authentic voice and integration; the sixth chakra with insight and intuition;  and the seventh chakra with collective, universal energy and connection.

We balance our chakras by nourishing ourselves in all the ways we have available to us, with the 5 Star Wellbeing approach.  Each Chakra has particular Foods, types of Movement, focuses for Sleep, things to put into or remove from our Surroundings and ways of Being through our relationships, meditations, and day to day activities that allow you to work on bringing them into balance and getting yourself into the best possible state of complete wellness on all levels.

The Program

The Nourish & Heal the Whole You Program is an 8 session program, allowing you to fully commit to your own self-exploration and healing journey.  The program is offered in 3 different formats:

Choose the format that best fits with your personality, budget and health requirements!  More details about each are available by clicking on the options.

If you’re unsure which is the best program version for you feel free to Book a FREE 15 Minute Wellbeing Chat with Arwen to discuss this further or send an email with your queries to: