So Sagittarius has shot his arrow up and out and eventually it is going to land right here, in Capricorn Season! Capricorn energy really does bring us back to earth after all the adventures of Sagittarius season.  Capricorn season supports us to find and put in place the structures that will support us to work towards our goals tirelessly, eventually enabling us to create our legacy (ie what we will be remembered for).

Please do be aware that I work with the true sidereal zodiac, which considers astrology from the actual placement of the stars in the current time. You can check this out for a quick 101 on Sidereal Astrology.

Sidereal Capricorn – January 21st to February 15th

The Sun actually rises in the constellation of Capricorn from 22nd January through to 15th February 2022.  It moves into Capricorn during the day on 21st. NB – I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia so depending on where you are in the world the change of sign may occur across the dateline and be a day ‘earlier’ for you than it is for me. And, yes if you read up about sidereal astrology, these dates are not set in stone, over almost three quarters of a century the dates will change by one day, in accordance with precession.

As we have seen for the last few signs Sidereal Capricorn dates are a big change from Tropical Western astrology dates for Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January).  True Sidereal Capricorn doesn’t even begin until Tropical Western Capricorn has finished and this can result in a bit of an identity crisis!  If you feel strongly attached to your Capricorn personality it is probably because it is still a strong energy in your astrological chart, even if your sun does not actually sit in this sign.  You may have a Capricorn moon, a Capricorn rising, or a stellium (2 or more planets) in Capricorn. The best way to check this out and reconnect with yourself through true sidereal astrology is to do a reading with me!

So Who Needs to Really Read this?

  • People who are born between January 20th (NB see above comment about the dates changing; what this means is depending on how old the person is they may have been born into Capricorn season even if they were born on the 20th January, check with me) and February 15th. Being born between these dates means that your ‘Sun’ sign is in Capricorn and you identify as a Capricorn. You most likely see yourself as determined, disciplined and practical
  • People who know their astrology chart and can identify that either their Moon or their Ascendant (Rising) is in the sign of  Capricorn
    * If your Moon is in Capricorn this means that you need to feel Capricorn qualities for your emotional wellbeing – you need to feel in control of your destiny, and that others respect you
    * If your Ascendant/ Rising sign is Capricorn, this means that this is the sign that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born and it is what you are becoming and developing through this life. You are working towards creating your legacy in this lifetime

Lastly, again for those who can read their astrological birth chart, if you have Capricorn on the cusp of your 6th house, or indeed anywhere in your 6th house, this is the house of health & wellbeing (amongst other things) so it is pertinent for you.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, again go back to this first Blog in the series for more information on Houses.

Also of course if you are in a significant relationship (parent, child, partner, lover, close friend or colleague) with someone who has Capricorn Sun, Moon or Ascendant (or 6th House) then this could be useful information for you! Enjoy!

Cardinal Earth

Capricorn is the last of the three Earth signs in the zodiac – and as I mentioned before it really does bring the energy back to earth.  It’s almost like we start afresh with Capricorn with our feet firmly planted on the ground and ready to take responsible and meaningful action.  It really is the perfect energy for this point in the calendar year, as most people get back to work and school after the festive season.  And if you’re already back, it’s at this point that things settle into their nice Capricorn rhythm for the year!

If you need any more reminders about what the Earth element means in the zodiac, head back to the piece about Taurus which was the first Earth sign.

The Wheel of the Year

Western Tropical Astrology continues to make the association between the seasons and the zodiac, and this often only works well in the Northern hemisphere.  Capricorn season in this context is early Winter.  In Sidereal astrology Capricorn season is late Winter in the northern hemisphere and late Summer in the southern hemisphere.

It’s at this point when the season is really set in – the coldest parts of winter and the hottest parts of summer, which in itself is very Capricorn – determined to make a mark and just keep on going until it does!

Saturn and the Goat

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by boundary oriented Saturn. Capricorn needs the structure and restriction offered by Saturn’s energy to have the discipline it needs in order to achieve its goals and purpose.  Capricorn is the first sign to be ruled by Saturn and the only sign in modern astrology to be ruled by this cold, distant planet.

The symbol of Capricorn is the Goat.  Picture the nimble mountain goat climbing the never ending slope upwards towards the summit, using his horns to forcibly move anything that stands in his way!

The Tenth House

In astrology, the chart is divided into 12 houses, which refer to 12 different areas of life.  If a planet or a sign is ‘in a house’ this will give us the information about which area of life their energetic affect is going to be felt in.

Each of the signs ‘rules’ one of the houses.  This means that they each have a particular area of life in which they are most comfortable, they have a natural affinity to it.

Capricorn, as the tenth sign, rules the tenth house.  The tenth house is all about public status and reputation. This is largely thought of as a person’s career, but can also talk to things like marriage that traditionally changed someone’s status within their community. Remember that Capricorn seeks recognition for its life’s work.

Body Aspects

Each sign of the zodiac also has a particular body type associated with it, but this is largely based on the elements, so typically all Earth types will have a similar body type, which is generally solid and robust.  However, Capricorn frequently breaks that mould!  Many Capricorns are quite ‘skin and bone’ in appearance – thin, especially in the limbs and decidedly bony!

Capricorns often start their lives as not terribly healthy children but their vitality improves as they grow, however they will often struggle to get over any illness very quickly.

It is common for people to have the body type that equates to their rising sign element because it is in the 1st House, which concerns image and body. This is not always true though and your body type may relate more to the most dominant element in your chart, or a combination of that and your rising sign. If you want to find out for yourself book a session.

From an eastern medical point of view the Capricorn constitution tends to be cold and dry.

Capricorns are quite easily depressed and will need good vibes from friends and music in order to recover.

Capricorn rules the following body parts:

  • Skin, hair, nails and teeth
  • Bones and joints (esp Knees)
  • Ligaments, cartilage and tendons
  • Parathyroid gland
  • Gall bladder

What this means is that Capricorn can tend towards ailments in these areas, common ones are:

  • Injuries to and illnesses in the above body parts
  • Skin diseases including psoriasis, hives and eczema
  • Joint problems including gout
  • Depression and low mood
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Constipation

Capricorn and Chakras

When thinking about the relationship between Capricorn and the 7 Essential Energies, or Chakras, Capricorn has strong connections to the 3rd (Power) Energy Centre, or Solar Plexus, and the 1st (Foundation) Energy Centre, or Root Chakra.

The Power Energy is where we get our drive to take action, the Foundation Energy allows us to bring in structure to create stability and safety.

Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™ approaches to health and wellbeing for Capricorn



Capricorns will tend to get very caught up in what they are doing to achieve their goals, and forget to prioritise all the good things – sleep, movement and nutritious food.

Exercise is an absolute must for Capricorns, so find a form of movement that you enjoy, dear goats, and do it often. Challenging, high intensity or endurance type of activities will suit the Capricorn sentiment.



Sleep must be prioritised better than it is by most Capricorns too.  Although they are an earth sign, their Cardinal mode keeps them in constant momentum and they need to learn to stop  – Capricorns are the most likely sign to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Capricorn can tend to be night owls but then also desperately want to be the early bird getting the worm as well and burning the candle at both ends just doesn’t work for anyone in the long term.  So don’t risk your health, Capricorns – improve your sleep hygiene and your sleep opportunity.


  • Laughter is essential to combat the tendency towards low mood of Capricorns – schedule in some time with good friends, entertaining family members or to simply watch or read something funny
  • Prioritise having fun, do things that give you pleasure – put them in your calendar at least once a week
  • Slow down – get into nature – Capricorns are always trying to climb the mountain of their ambition but in order to balance that out they do need to come back to earth, and getting into the wonders of nature will assist
  • Music helps Capricorns access their right brain
  • Energy healing helps to balance emotions and avoid depression – reiki, kinesiology, acupuncture
  • Bach flower: Mimulus (there are others that are very useful depending on what exactly you are managing, contact me for more details)


  • Feed a Capricorn high fibre (goat) food
  • Well cooked, warming foods are best
  • Avoid acidic foods and include alkaline foods
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits (7-10 cups per day) – including spinach, cabbage, coconut, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, citrus, leeks, onions, grapes, broccoli, pomegranate
  • Calcium phosphate (mineral) foods – lentils, beans, eggs, meat, wheat, figs, plums, kale, prunes, raisins
  • Herbs to eat – parsley, ginger, alfalfa


There are a lot of herbs that are useful for Capricorn and which ones are most appropriate for you will depend on what symptoms/ conditions you are trying to manage.  Some of the common ones to use in teas are:

  • Chamomile
  • Elderflower
  • St Johns Wort



Essential Oils

  • Birch– the oil of support: promotes strength and resolve, as well as the feeling of being connected
  • Cassia– the oil of self assurance: promotes courage, confidence and authenticity
  • Cuminthe oil of balanced ambition: promotes non-attachment to success and abundant thinking
  • Laurel leafthe oil of triumph: promotes confidence, perseverance, and capability

If you’d like to know more about how important Capricorn is in your chart, and your life, book in for a Reading.