I’m just getting this Blog in on time before Aries season is actually over!

Please do be aware that I work with the sidereal zodiac which considers astrology from the actual placement of the stars in the current time.

A quick 101 on Sidereal Astrology

The word sidereal means “of, or calculated by, the stars”. Sounds pretty obvious when we’re talking about astrology doesn’t it?! This is the way that our ancient ancestors first began to practise astronomy and astrology – by looking at the stars, the planets, the constellations themselves.

So how is this different to the standard practise of astrology that most people are used to? Well, around 2000 years ago the stars matched the seasons and at the Equinox in March (Spring in the northern hemisphere) the Sun moved into the constellation of Aries. Tropical Western (aka ‘common or garden’!) astrology has continued to view the astrological calendar in this way, ie. the March Equinox is fixed as the beginning of Aries season and everything else follows from that.

However, in the 2nd century BC, a Greek astronomer called Hipparchus, discovered that there is a tiny but gradual shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis of rotation, called precession. What this means is that over thousands of years the view of the stars from the Earth has shifted so that at the March Equinox the Sun is actually now still in the constellation of Pisces, and doesn’t move into Aries for another month or so. The precession shift happens at a rate of about 1 degree every 72 years.

To me it makes much more sense to take the science of astrology from where the stars are actually placed, rather than where they were placed 2000 years ago. Once I had my own birth chart in the sidereal system it certainly rang very true for me! The system of sidereal astrology that I have been taught, also takes the constellations at their actual sizes so it does not simply divide up the zodiac into 12 equal portions – it really can’t, because that is not how the constellations appear! Importantly though, what doesn’t change between Sidereal and Tropical Western astrology is the meanings, symbolism and psychology of the signs, planets and houses.

Sidereal Aries – April 21st to May 12th

So the Sun is actually in the constellation of Aries from 21st April to May 12th. Yes, Aries is a small constellation so this is only a period of 3 weeks. Well, afterall the world can only cope with so many Aries types running around doing things all the time! And, yes, these dates are not set in stone, over a period of 72 years the dates will change in accordance with precession.

So Who Needs to Really Read this?

People who are born between April 20th and May 12th (note that I am using 20th rather than 21st, as depending on how old you are this may have been the right date for Aries when you were born [see above about precession, contact me if you want to find out for sure for yourself!]) – that means that their ‘Sun’ sign is in Aries and an Aries is who they identify as. People who know their astrology chart and can identify that either their Moon or their Ascendant (Rising) is in Aries. If your Moon is in Aries this means that you need to feel Aries qualities – you need to feel confident, free and able to lead – for emotional fulfillment. If your Ascendant/ Rising sign is Aries, this means that this is the sign that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born and it is what you are becoming and developing through this life. That’s me! An Aries rising… Lastly, again for those who can read their birth chart, if you have Aries on the cusp of your 6th house, this is the house of health & wellbeing (amongst other things) so it is pertinent for you. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry, there is more on Houses later.

Also of course if you are in a significant relationship (parent, child, partner, lover, close friend or colleague) with someone who has Aries Sun, Moon or Ascendant (or 6th House) then this could be useful information for you! Enjoy!

Cardinal Fire

Aries is the first (cardinal) of the three fire signs in the zodiac – it is the spark that starts the fire – it has the energy to create this very element. This sign is all about beginning, being first, starting new things. That can of course mean that they find it difficult to finish things along the way, and/ or that they quickly burn themselves out with all their activity.

Aries is about leadership but they will very much be out the front all the way, they won’t be comfortable with others pushing them into positions of leadership. They have an innate desire and need to pave the way. They are all about initiative, assertion and action.

Spring vs Autumn

Indeed Aries is the spark of creation and the beginning of the zodiac. It is the first sign/ constellation of the zodiac and in the northern hemisphere it is Aries season when it is spring, when everything in nature is springing to life again after winter. All plants and animals are taking action!

It can be difficult in the southern hemisphere to therefore match up our seasonal wheel of the year, with the wheel of the zodiac because everything is opposite. However, it is in this opposition that we can find the power of understanding the signs and the elements from the perspective of antipathy “an instinctive contrariety or opposition in feeling”. In fact, in using astrology for health, we can see symptoms and use remedies that are either antipathetic or sympathetic to the sign or element we are working with. So when we’re looking to match the zodiac with southern hemisphere seasons we simply need to embrace the opposite because we are at the opposite end of the world from where the tradition of western astrology came! Aries for us downunder occurs in autumn but we just have to think about spring, the opposite of autumn, to understand the personality of Aries. The opposite sign to Aries in the zodiac is Libra, and when we get to Libra season you’ll learn just how opposite and antipathetic to Aries this is!

Mars and the Ram

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which has the archetype of the warrior. This certainly doesn’t mean that Aries is aggressive necessarily, but it absolutely can be when it feels it needs to be in order to pursue or protect those things it values. It simply has a lot of strong, masculine energy and vitality, that is necessary for acting and asserting. A life lesson for Aries is to learn to pick their battles.

The symbol of Aries is the Ram – the male sheep with the big strong horns that are great for butting and getting his way!

The First House

In astrology, as well as 12 signs, with Aries being the first, we have 12 houses. The Houses refer to areas of life. If a planet or a sign is ‘in a house’ this will give us the information about which area of life their energetic affect is going to be felt.

Each of the signs ‘rule’ one of the houses. This means that they each have a particular area of life in which they are most comfortable, they have a natural affinity to it.

It will come as no surprise then that the house the Aries rules is the 1st House, because remember Aries always likes to go first, to be ahead, to lead.

The first house, the first aspect of human life, is the ‘self’. So this area of life is all about your self awareness and self image – your identity, your personality or persona – and also importantly your physical body. It is also about beginnings in general – if something new is going to come into your life it will show up in the 1st House. But remember Aries energy is very active, so this is not about sitting around passively waiting to see what will float along into the 1st house, it is about taking action, using initiative and starting things.

Body Aspects

Each sign of the zodiac also has a particular body type associated with it, and this is largely based on the elements, so all Fire types will have a similar body type, which is athletic. This does not mean that all Aries are athletic (and remember we’re not just talking about Aries sun signs either). What it means is that people who have Fire as the dominant element in their chart are more likely to tend towards an athletic build. Apparently it is common for people to have the body type that equates to their rising sign element. This makes sense because the rising sign is always in the 1st House, and as we learnt above the 1st house concerns image and body.

When we think of what a fire is like, it is hot and dry. This is also a tendency for Aries, their constitution tends to be hot and dry. This is a very eastern view of things but will make more sense when we consider the common ailments for Aries below.

Each sign also rules different body parts, and for Aries that is:
• Head and skull
• Brain
• Pituitary gland and hypothalamus
• Blood
• Muscular system
• Adrenal glands

What this means is that Aries can tend towards ailments in these areas, common ones are:
• Injuries to these body parts
• Accidents and severe acute illnesses in general
• Headaches and migraines
• Hay fever
• Blood pressure issues
• Fevers
• Hair loss
• Vertigo & dizziness
• Inflammation
• Acne
• Digestive issues due to rapid transit
• Burns
• Stress and brain fog – mid afternoon fatigue is common

Aries and Chakras

As you may well know, I work very closely with the 7 essential energies that we all have, more commonly known as the ‘chakras’.  You may be wondering which of these is most relevant to Aries energy, and people with strong Aries characteristics.  Aries is definitely associated with Power energy – the 3rd chakra or the solar plexus. One of my teachers, Dr Deanna Minich, actually labels this energy “the Fire”. This energy, just like Aries is all about action.  It’s your ‘get up and go’ energy, it incorporates actually having a sense of enough energy to do what you need to do.  It is also very much a ‘self’ energy like Aries, and is associated with your sense of self confidence and how you present yourself to the outside world.

I also feel that Aries energy must be linked with the first of the essential energies, or chakras, what I call Foundation Energy. As a chakra it is named the Base or Root Chakra. This energy ties into Aries, because it is the first, just like Aries.  It is the spark and the key balancing factor for all the other energies.  Within the physical body both Aries and Foundation are connected with the blood and the muscular system, which are each physiologically incorporated throughout the whole body. Foundation Energy also has a antipathetic relationship to Aries because it is about safety, security and grounding, whereas, as you now know Aries is all about going out and doing, whatever risks are involved. The immune system (the body system that keeps us safe) is associated with Foundation Energy too, and Aries is susceptible to regular failure of the immune system and acute illness, due largely to burning itself out and not taking enough care.

Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approaches to health and wellbeing for Aries

I’m not going to say anything about Movement because Aries are always on the move, if anything they need to move less! Sleep is an issue for Aries because as well as busy bodies they also have excessively busy minds but again there’s not really a lot to say other than it is definitely important to prioritise sleep for Aries, perhaps more than any other sign. For tips on how to improve your sleep and why you should do this, do a search on my website for Sleep.


Slow down and stop rushing around – this is how accidents happen
• Watch for overstimulation – adrenals become stressed and eventually fatigued
• Don’t overdo things – rest and a regular routine are important
• Eat regular meals
Bach flower: Impatiens (there are others that are very useful depending on what exactly you are managing, contact me for more details)
Kali phos cell salt is a useful supplement


Brain foods – lecithin, oats, oils and walnuts (and other nuts)
Iron rich foods – meat and dark green leafy veggies
Cooling foods – lemons, celery, grapefruit, apple, cauliflower, watercress, parsley, milk, cabbage, asparagus, carrot, lettuce
• Moderate intake of hot and spicy food intake – onion, garlic, chilli, curry
Minimal stimulants especially caffeine
Avoid alcohol and nicotine
Potassium rich foods – tomato, beetroot, oranges, potato, dates, spinach, cucumber
Reishi and cordyceps mushroom supplements
Herbs to eat – rosemary, garlic, horseradish, cayenne, ginger


There are a lot of herbs that are useful for Aries and which ones are most appropriate will depend on what symptoms/ conditions you are trying to manage. Some of the common ones to use as teas are:
• Licorice
• Ginseng
• Valerian
• Nettle
• Gingko
• Ashwaganda
• Elder
• Passionflower
• Lavender
• Peppermint
• Sassafras



Essential Oils

Lavender – oil of communication and calm: promotes calm, expressivity, peace of mind
• Rosemary – oil of knowledge & transition: promotes mental clarity, ability to adjust to new situations
• Melissa – the oil of light: promotes energy, optimism, joy and enlightenment
Peppermint – oil of a buoyant heart: promotes optimism, strength to face emotional pain, lightheartedness
Ginger – oil of empowerment:  promotes commitment, purposefulness, accountability
Basil – oil of renewal: promotes rejuvenation, rest, strength
• Bergamot – oil of self acceptance: promotes self acceptance, hope, confidence
Frankincense – oil of truth: promotes discernment, enlightenment, sense of protection
• Myrhh – oil of mother earth: promotes sense of safety, trust, security
• Chamomile – oil of spiritual purpose: promotes relaxation, guidance and purpose
• Wintergreen – oil of surrender: promotes strength and trust in divine guidance

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