So many of you have told me that you’d just like to get your energy and balance back and that was before we were hit with a global pandemic! Writing this in March 2020 it was very easy to choose to bring a focus to the first type of energy – and one that many people do need to replenish anyway – Foundation Energy. This energy forms the basis of everything in physical life:

  • the body
  • safety and security
  • sense of belonging.

It relates to our fundamental need and ability to survive and forms the basis on which all other aspects of our life – creativity, emotions, power, self worth, love, truth, insight and connection - develop.

As such, it is the Foundation Energy to which we need to pay attention in matters of immunity. Even if you have a beautifully balanced and intact Foundation – be extremely grateful because you are in the minority – at this time in human existence when we face a pandemic that in big ways or small, will affect us all. If you do nothing else, pay attention and give your Foundation Energy some thought and some love.

You may need more Foundation Energy if you feel:

  • Unsafe: I think that most people feel this at least to some extent at the moment. I am a very calm, rational person but the constant battering of social and mainstream media (and it is important to stay informed at the moment) means that even I am having to constantly remind myself to breath and be mindful and not get caught up in panic. We feel unsafe from the illness itself, we feel unsafe because the reactions and behaviours of other people are unpredicatable and we feel unsafe because ‘normal’ life is being significantly disrupted.
  • Disconnected from others: Unfortunately a lot of people are being required or are choosing to distance themselves from others or even self-isolate. We are being told not to touch each other and to stay several metres away when possible. Being unable to visit more vulnerable family members makes this even more pointed.
  • Financially insecure: The world’s global markets are in turmoil and this creates a lot of fear (plus we’ve all spent our life’s savings on toilet paper, sorry just had to bring a toilet paper joke in to lighten things up)
  • Unable to set appropriate emotional boundaries: In the current situation, we are being forced to have physical boundaries but this can mean that emotional boundaries are even more difficult to define – you can’t catch up with your besties, so what’s wrong with a group chat at 10pm, with everyone one upping each other on who’s got it the hardest!
  • At odds with career or work life: The financial insecurity certainly plays into this but also if you are suddenly forced to spend a whole lot more time alone with your thoughts you may well start to wonder why you have stuck out the job that you really despise. On the other hand you may love your career but be suddenly forced to work from home and feel unable to do your job properly
  • Stuck in a routine and too reliant on your comfort zone: Most of us in the modern world have at least the kind of a routine that involves being able to buy things at the supermarket when you run out of them! At this time all routine is out the window – official advice about what to do and what the situation is constantly changing and we are all on edge. This lack of control adds to fear and we are right back at the top, with feeling Unsafe!

How to Improve Immunity and Foundation Energy, with Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing


Red Foods

High in Vitamin C and Lycopene – both of which are required by the immune system

Fruits: raspberries, cherries, watermelon, pomegranate, tomatoes, apples, pink grapefruit, blood orange, cranberries, dragonfruit, guava, red currants.

Vegetables: radishes, red cabbage, red lettuce, red onion, red potato, red sweet potato, beetroot, capsicum, turnip, red chilli.

To help your body absorb vitamin C from these whole red foods, eat them with leafy greens such as spinach, kale or silverbeet (all of which also have anti-inflammatory properties, see below), green herbs like basil and parsley are also great.


Helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels, therefore providing the adrenals with balanced fuel levels during times of stress.

Animal based: red meat (organic and grass fed), poultry (organic), salmon (wild caught), eggs (free range), dairy foods (milk/cheese/yoghurt).

Plant protein: lentils, black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, nuts and seeds.

Anti Inflammatory Foods

Help the body to manage stress of all kinds, including physical illness, but also just the emotional stress and anxiety that we are all experiencing at the moment: spinach, kale, silverbeet, blueberries, blackberries, flaxseed, almonds, brown rice, hemp seeds, quinoa, chia seeds.

Gut Health

Much of our immune system actually lives in the gut so at this time it is even more important to think about the health status of your gut. Everyone’s microbiome is different but at the most basic level avoiding refined sugar and processed foods, and increasing fibre, with lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as ensuring you have some probiotic foods like yoghurt, kefir, and pickled vegetables will help. If this section all sounds the opposite of what you do, you should perhaps consider taking a probiotic supplement at the moment.


Drinking lots of water is always important but especially when trying to boost immunity because it allows everything in your body to ‘keep flowing’, improving the body’s ability to flush out toxins. Around 2 litres a day is the recommended amount of water but you may need to adjust this depending on your levels of activity and the weather.


Getting enough good quality sleep is essential in order for all of the cells in your body to repair. Sleeping well can be difficult in times of stress. Focus on your breath when you are struggling to get back to sleep. When you breathe deeply into your belly your vagus nerve is activated, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system – your “rest and digest” system. Consciously slow your breathing down – count if it helps – try to make your exhalation even longer than your inhalation. Let this focus on the breath take all your attention. When your attention wanders, notice that and bring it back to the breath.

It’s especially important at this time to get off your devices at least an hour before you want to fall asleep – there is way too much in the news at the moment that is going to disturb you so just don’t interact with it in the evening, it will still be there in the morning! Check out my blog - the elephant in the bedroom – for more details.

Essential oils can be very beneficial to help with relaxation and sleep, feel free to consult my Blog, Essential Oils for Sleep to learn which ones may help you and don’t forget you can always purchase them through Evenstar and you’ll never pay RRP.


One of the main things to be grateful for (unless you have corona symptoms and are self-isolating) is that we can all still get outside. Go to your local park and hug a tree if you can’t hug a person! Viruses do not like fresh air and sunshine so whenever you can, be outside and open your windows when you are at home or work.

If you’re stuck at home, perhaps now is the time to do that gardening you’ve been putting off. The grounding energy of being in contact with the earth is wonderful for boosting Foundation Energy and immunity. Take your shoes off and feel the nourishing energy of the earth. My Blog, Grounding has more info.

Not going to the gym or doing your usual workout with other people? Don’t forget there’s an absolute plethora of workouts available online, many of them for free, on platforms such as YouTube. Just remember that moving your body is essential for the lymphatic system to function. This is the garbage removal circulatory system of the body, and it requires muscular contraction to work, so whatever you do don’t just sit around bingeing on Netflix! Something like yoga, tai chi or qi gong will help with mental and emotional balance, and again you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home with thanks to the inter-webs.

Click here to access the Evenstar Wellbeing Foundation Energy Yoga Daily Practise video, with the wonderful Jolanda DeJong, qualified yoga instructor.


The home is the most important place for our Foundation Energy so why not take a bit of a Feng Shui approach and help to cleanse and balance your energy in general by taking this prompt to do some de-cluttering in your home?! Feel free to check out these podcasts for some further inspiration:

Show #68: Sally Flower talks KonMari method – start 2018 loving your home more!

Show #170: – Feng Shui Serenity with Grace Niu

At Evenstar – and of course in my home – essential oils are always a very important tool for boosting immunity and regaining and balancing Foundation energy.

These are my top tips for (single) oils to use at this time:

Eucalyptus – the oil of wellness
Physical | Mental action: anti-viral, respiratory aid
Emotional | Spiritual action: healing, free, positive

Clove – the oil of boundaries
Physical | Mental action: stimulates thyroid, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection
Emotional | Spiritual action: empowered, protected, able to make decisions and take action in own best interests

Tea tree (Melaleuca) – the oil of energetic boundaries
Physical | Mental action: anti-viral, respiratory aid, anti-bacterial, immune stimulant, decongestant
Emotional | Spiritual action: feel and experience greater tolerance whilst also protecting yourself

Patchouli – the oil of physicality
Physical | Mental action: skin care, insect repellent, deodorant
Emotional | Spiritual action: grounding, body connection, balance, physical expression, peace

Cedarwood – the oil of community
Physical | Mental action: skin care, insect repellent, calming
Emotional | Spiritual action: connected, belonging, support, community orientation, trust in others

I have all of these recommended oils available from the certified pure therapeutic grade DoTerra range, through my Shop, and you’ll never pay RRP when you buy through me!


We are all so focused on our physical wellbeing that it is easy to de-prioritise mental health and the benefits of feeling connected to all other living beings, the earth itself and the support of whatever higher powers you may believe in.

Especially if you have more time on your hands than you’re used to there is no better time to start a meditation, or mindfulness, practise. If you are just starting I would recommend that you use one of the many apps that are available. My personal favourite is Insight Timer because it gives you so many options to personalise your practice – how long, what kind of voice you want to listen to, music and also key words. So if you’re feeling overwhelming fear or anxiety you could search for either of those words on the app and many options for a wonderful meditation would come up.

Just release any expectations that you have about ‘what’ meditation is and take the time to be still and focus on something other than your whirring thoughts. Check out my Blog Top 3 Excuses for Not Meditating for more information. To access a lovely guided visualisation specifically created to help you boost immunity and Foundation Energy click here.

Another really powerful tool to use is that of Affirmation. Choose one of these and say it 3 times daily during the next few weeks. You could also combine them all into one, or make up your own:

I am safe and secure
I am strong and vital
I am grateful for all that the universe provides

You might like to write it out and place it somewhere you’ll see it often or use it as a screen saver …