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The Essentials to Boosting Immunity Naturally

If you’ve heard in the media that there is a shortage of flu vaccine perhaps now is the time to consider some natural alternatives to boosting your immunity for the winter. 5 Steps to Boost Immunity Food – eat immune boosting foods and drink lots of water. In winter we want to balance the cold weather by eating and drinking warm things.  The benefits of chicken soup are not an old wives’ tale!  Bone broth is so nourishing and healing.  Remember that the majority of your immune system lives in your gut so you need to give it whole foods from the earth that it recognises and can obtain the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it requires for you to heal you. As well as bone broth make sure you include good fats from olive oil and oily fish, dark chocolate (yey!), eggs and lots of fruit and vegetables of all the colours of the rainbow!  For immune boosting flavourings you can’t go past garlic, ginger and turmeric – veggie curry is sounding good! Movement – don’t stop your exercise routine just because it’s winter.Your lymphatic system, which is critical to fighting illness cannot operate effectively without muscular contraction, as it removes wastes and toxins.  So keep on moving peeps!  You might change your exercise routine with the seasons just like you change your food. Perhaps now is the time to

Cold & Flu: the natural essentials

In south eastern Australia we are well and truly into the wintery weather!  A week of grey skies and rain here in Melbourne has certainly taken its toll on my mood! But I am so grateful for the beauty of my garden and the fullness of my water tanks! When we hit winter unfortunately many of the nasty viruses that lurk around seem to proliferate and most people struggle to get through the season without at least one cold or other respiratory infection of some kind. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves so rather than reaching for the cold and flu tablets what else can you do to avoid and overcome winter viruses? Metaphysics of getting a cold When we have a cold or flu our body is giving us a message to STOP.  When your grandmother used to tell you to “rest and keep up your fluids’ when you had a cold she was perfectly correct. Unfortunately though in modern Western society the norm is to ‘soldier on’ and keep leading our normal lives whilst masking the symptoms of our illness with medication. The inherent harm of treating symptoms rather than underlying causes is blatantly obvious here!  How many times have you soldiered on, and thought you had weathered the storm, only to be bedridden by the tornado of a much more serious illness a few weeks later?  

Winter Remedies Part 2 – Cold and Flu

Last month I wrote a post about nasal and chest congestion, and how DoTerra's wonderful Breathe/ Easy Air oil is so effective in dealing with this. Melbourne's sudden winter onset seems to bring about a rapid increase in coughs and sniffles, yes we've hit cold and flu season. So I thought that the week of the Winter Solstice was perfect timing to write about On Guard, another Doterra blend, which is the cure-all for any infection (so it does tend to come in handy all through the year!) and is truly one of the best cold and flu remedies that I have ever used. As it's name suggests, On Guard will protect you from all those nasty bugs out there! It is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic.  I get it out the minute someone is feeling ANY illness coming on.  The result: that illness completely goes away again, or at the very least is reduced in severity and length. On Guard comes in several different forms – including teensy capsules and throat drops - to make it perfect for the whole family to use. My kids (because they are the children of a crazy oils lady!!) are very good at taking a drop of oil in half a glass of water - with accompanying groans and weird facial expressions!  But - especially when they are feeling very under the weather - it is nice