Secret Cure for all Stress

Are you feeling stressed, uptight, anxious and really find it hard to look forward to anything , let alone actually enjoy the moment? How would you like to access something that is going to help you make it through any stress without really losing your s...t?! One Hour is all it takes Ok so I know plenty of you will be out there going ‘well I just don’t have an hour’. But think about this, if you don’t make time for wellness, you will eventually need to make time for illness. In the scheme of life one hour is nothing, but what will it mean for you, and your loved ones if you can get through everyday life without being a cranky so and so, and actually enjoy something? Plus, an immune system boost will mean that you are much less likely to collapse in a heap – of illness – when you can finally do stop.  How many times have you finally gotten away on your dream holiday only to come down with a dreaded lurgy??!! Aromatherapy Massage Using your one hour investment in your wellbeing for an Aromatherapy Massage will have many benefits for your wellbeing: increasing energy through stimulation of endorphins promoting relaxation through lengthening muscles and increasing flexibility and boosting the immune system through stimulation of the lymphatic system (removing toxins and wastes from the body)

How to be happy

Is your quotient of hugs a bit low? Perhaps it's time to book an Aromatherapy Massage?! Attached is a great article on 4 things that you can do improve your own happiness. Never forget that you are the only person that can make you happy and you are also solely responsible for your own health and wellbeing. If you don't want to read the whole thing these are the key take-aways: 1. Gratitude. Ask “What am I grateful for?” No answers? Doesn’t matter. Just searching helps. 2. Label your negative emotions. Give it a name and your brain isn’t so bothered by it. This is something that I always get my clients to do before a Reiki Healing and Chakra Balance session. 3. Decide. Go for “good enough” instead of “best decision ever made on Earth.” You will always be much happier when a decision is no longer hanging over you. 4. Hugs, hugs, hugs. Touch is really important. If you don't get 5 hugs a day you need a massage! As an aside, sending a text message does not have the same positive effect on the brain as talking to someone in person or even on the phone. Don’t text — touch.   #energyhealing #aromatherapy #essentialoils #doterraoils #wellbeing #mindbodyspirit #evenstarreikiyarraville #reikiyarraville #balance #feelbetter #dobetter #yarraville #health #energy #chakras #doterra #healthylifestyle #healthiswealth #healthcoach #healthybody #wellness #reiki #pain #stress #stressed #stressfree

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