Last month I wrote a post about nasal and chest congestion, and how DoTerra’s wonderful Easy Air® essential oil blend is so effective in dealing with this. Melbourne’s sudden winter onset seems to bring about a rapid increase in coughs and sniffles, yes we’ve hit cold and flu season.

So I thought that the week of the Winter Solstice was perfect timing to write about On Guard®, another Doterra blend, which is the cure-all for any infection (so it does tend to come in handy all through the year!) and is truly one of the best cold and flu remedies that I have ever used.

As it’s name suggests, On Guard will protect you from all those nasty bugs out there! It is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic.  I get it out the minute someone is feeling ANY illness coming on.  The result: that illness completely goes away again, or at the very least is reduced in severity and length.

On Guard comes in several different forms – including teensy capsules and throat drops – to make it perfect for the whole family to use. My kids (because they are the children of a crazy oils lady!!) are very good at taking a drop of oil in half a glass of water – with accompanying groans and weird facial expressions!  But – especially when they are feeling very under the weather – it is nice to be able to give them their mandatory On Guard in the capsule form.  The ‘beadlets’ (world’s smallest cold and flu tablets) are really tiny and can be swallowed very easily without the need to taste any of the oil.  The throat lozenges have a strong flavour that neither of my kids like – unfortunately – but adults love them because they can immediately feel the effects.

Taking any essential oil internally is something that you should only do with the advice of a practitioner and definitely only for a few days at a time.  As with a pharmacy antibiotic, essential oils can tend to kill all bacteria in their path, including the good bacteria that we all need in and on our bodies so you need to take appropriate measures to replace and nourish your good bacteria in this circumstance.

I love the aroma of On Guard too – combining orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary – it is so lovely to diffuse throughout winter in the battle against infection.  Your house smells like Christmas in July and mulled wine but is a lot better for your wellbeing than either of those things!

On Guard also comes in a toothpaste.  This is an all natural product that doesn’t have nasty chemicals added and cleans teeth really well – just ask my dentist! Seriously, at my most recent six month check up I still didn’t need a professional clean and it had been 12 months since my last one. I have been using On Guard toothpaste consistently since hearing that fluoride affects intuition!!

Doterra also have many On Guard household cleaning products available.  I often use the oil in my own housekeeping – putting a few drops in the washing machine with particularly germy loads,  or in a spray bottle as a disinfectant.  Shop Now!

On Guard Essential Oil Blend Beadlets