In south eastern Australia we are well and truly into the wintery weather!

When we hit winter unfortunately many of the nasty viruses that lurk around seem to proliferate and most people struggle to get through the season without at least one cold or other respiratory infection of some kind.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves so rather than reaching for the cold and flu tablets what else can you do to avoid – and more importantly – overcome winter viruses?

Learn about:

  • the underlying causes of your cold
  • the risks associated with just treating symptoms
  • the best foods to eat to boost immunity and speed recovery
  • why you shouldn’t stop moving your body completely even when you’re ill
  • how giving your brain a rest will allow you to get well faster
  • the importance of sleep when you’re unwell
  • the best essential oils that will help (spoiler alert, they are Thyme , Lemon & Tea Tree), as well as why fresh air is important too!

You can read the full Blog, published by Sivana East, or watch the video.

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