We honour, respect and give our thanks to the spirits and guardians of this place, where we will carry out this New Year Lunar Eclipse ceremony of meditation and ritual, as well as its traditional custodians past, present and future.

The January 2020 full moon is in the sign of Cancer, at the start of a new year and a new decade.

Not only is it a full moon but also a lunar eclipse, which occurs when the earth lies between the moon and the sun blocking the moon from reflecting the sun’s light. It is a penumbrial lunar eclipse on this occasion which means there is not a perfect line up of the planets (stars) and only part of the moon’s bright orb will be shadowed.

The moon loves being in Cancer as the ruling planet of this sign, and in 2019 there was not actually a full moon in Cancer. This, combined with the extra energy of the eclipse, will result in a very potent lunar energy available to us.

Cancer is a sensitive water sign and rules emotion, especially the heart, as well as family relationships. The releasing energy of the full moon should mean that working with it will help to heal hearts and balance family and home dynamics.  Cancer also governs self care so it is the perfect time to set intentions around looking after yourself better this year. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup – you need to look to your own needs first so that you have the energy and strength to look after others.

The energy of this full moon lunar eclipse is a very strong energy though so beware of managing emotions with extreme sensitivity. It will be useful to open your heart space using deep breathing and bringing gratitude into this energy centre, enhancing compassion, which must start with the self.  Luckily the sun is in grounding, practical Capricorn to help us out here.

The intention of these meditations and the suggested ritual, is to tap into the universal energy available to us so that we can fully release everything that no longer serves us in order to clear the space we need to have complete clarity on our needs, desires and intentions for this new year and new decade. As a collective we also intend to send blessings and healing energy to all those beings – plants, animals and humans – who have been affected by the bushfire crisis.  We hereby ask the Universe, our higher selves, and any guardians or spirit guides that are here with us to help us achieve this purpose.

6 Part Meditation (adapted from Vishen Lakiani’s 6 Phase Meditation)


Feel into your heart space. Open up the incredible magnetic energy of the heart by bringing to mind at least one thing that you are grateful for.

Could be as simple as a meal, a cold drink, airconditioning, could be something someone said or did for you, a hug from a child, a smooth run in traffic, a satisfying work out

Really feel the sensation of gratitude in your heart. Smile.  Relive your experience with all five senses – what were the tastes, sounds, smells, touches that you are grateful for.


Feel into the Insight energy centre, the 3rd eye, or 6th chakra.  This is the middle of your forehead.

Use your deep connection with yourself to enable connection with all living beings

  • Start with those in the room, feel your connection to one another, meditate on wishing yourself and everyone else Peace, Love and Freedom
  • Expand consciousness to the local area, mediate on those you know and love and wish them Peace, Love and Freedom, also mediate on those you want to connect with
  • Expand to your town or suburb
  • Expand to your state or province
  • Expand to your country
  • Expand to the whole world


Feel into your energy centre of Truth, the (5th) throat chakra, in the middle of your throat. Identify someone that you need to forgive.

  • We are working on any negative charges that you felt with another person in the last 24 hours (or more). Could be something really simple like the guy who cut you off in traffic or the barista who took so long with your order, or it could be something more important and personal. It could be yourself.
  • Picture that person in front of you a metre or two away. Tell them that you forgive them, feel that forgiveness opening your throat.  Ask that person that they also forgive you for any wrong that you may have done to them.

Perfect Life – setting intentions

Feel into your Power energy centre, the 3rd chakra, or Solar Plexus – beween navel and ribs – where you experience self confidence and belief and project yourself into the world

  • Meditate on all aspects of your life – what will your life look like within the next 3 years. People generally overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year and underestimate what they can achieve in 3 years. Feel the happiness, joy and passion.  Use your five senses.
  • Think about your work/ career, your family/ children, your partner, your friendships, your home and other material possessions – what do you want?, think about how you would like to spend the time when you are not working, what adventures would you like to have, think about your physical body, your health and fitness, think about your personality – what would you like to change?

Perfect Day

Feel into your Creation energy centre, the (2nd) Sacral chakra – just above your pubic bone.

  • The next 24 hours are when the lunar eclipse energy is most potent. How are you going to spend that time.  Visualize having the best day you can – it can still be realistic.  Starting with going to sleep tonight and sleeping really well, meditate on how your day will play out.  What will you achieve, who will you spend time with, what will you eat, what do you want to do with that precious time

Connection to Universe

Feel into your Connection Energy Centre - the (7th) Crown chakra – on the top of your head

  • Feel how this centre connects you to the Universe/ God/ your higher self/ spirit guides/ guardian angels.
  • Ask these higher powers to guide you and protect you, to bring you luck. Ask them to bring you what you have envisioned, or something better.
  • Thank them for their past assistance


If you want to do a ritual as well as the meditations, my suggestion is that you write two lists.

  1. Release

One detailing all the things that you want to let go of and release.  Everything from the last year and decade that no longer serves you.  It is important to write this list first so that you create the space to bring your new intentions into.

Write this list then tear it up and burn it. Some essential oils that will support you in this process are:  Basil, DoTerra Purify, Arborvitae, Copaiba, Thyme

2. Intend

The second list will now detail all of your intentions for the next year - everything you need and want to bring into your life.  You may like to write this list in a journal or notebook that is special to you.  You will keep this list and refer back to it throughout the year. Some essential oils that will support you in this process are: Ginger, Chamomile, Litsea , Clary Sage.

Lunar Eclipse Meditation, modified from an Angel Message channeled by Melanie Beckler

Breathe and relax. Feel yourself letting go of conscious thought, of worry, tension, and doubt. Breathe and relax.

Know that you are surrounded with Divine white light, protected and uplifted by your team of guides and angels. You are supported in moving in the direction of your dreams, in manifesting the intentions of your heart, in living the Divinely inspired blueprint of your soul planned prior to your birth. And so for right now, relax, breathe, and let go.

Imagine that the doors of your heart are opening wide and that you are entering within, going inward into your inner space, peace, calm, silence, void. Breathe and relax.

Focus now on your eyes, letting your eyes relax, your mouth and your jaw relax, focus on your neck, releasing tension and relaxing your neck, relaxing your shoulders, your arms, your chest. Relax your abdomen, relax your upper back, relax your lower back, relax your hips, your thighs, relax your legs, knees, calves, relax your ankles, relax your feet. Relax your fingers and your toes. Relax, breathe, and enter in.

And now begin to imagine that you are sitting outside in a safe place in nature on top of a hill or in a clearing where you can get a full view of the night sky. Notice your surroundings. The darkness of night around you, but you are able to sense, feel, and know the presence, the protection from your guides and from your angels here with you now.

Imagine that you are looking up at the night sky now, noticing millions of stars twinkling from amidst the dark blue and black night sky. More stars than you count, more stars than you have ever seen before illuminating the space within, shining brightly.

Notice the constellations. Notice the full moon, her silvery light clarifying and illuminating everything just for you, clarifying and illuminating you for all the universe to see. As you are bathing in the energising light of the full moon you see the shadow of the eclipse slowly move across her face as Mother Earth blocks the light of Father Sun.  The divine feminine overbalancing the divine masculine for a few hours.

The light of the eclipsed moon is now narrower and more directed, clearing a path for you and continuing to illuminate it.  You follow the path, with complete trust in the Divine, knowing it is your soul’s true path in this life that you have discovered.

Imagine the light from the eclipsed moon is anchoring now into your light body and your spiritual form, your frequency being elevated, being uplifted from this Divine cosmic light. Cleansing and uplifting you, attuning you to your inspiration, to your qualities and your pure purpose. Receive this blessing from the night sky. Receive, and notice all the stars once again twinkling before you as you look up.

And so ask for what you desire. Intend what you wish to be so.

To align you with your true heart’s desire, with your Divine blueprint, with your path, with the ways in which you may serve and love, for the greatest good of you and all.

Breathe and relax. Look up at the night sky once again experiencing the magnificence of the Divine present in this now. Feel your love for mother earth, for father sky. Feel the immense love present in this now and now imagine that you are gathering all of this love into a ball that you can grasp in your hands, gathering all the love present in this moment into a concentrated ball of energy that you are now sending down, sending your love to the earth, sending all the love of this present moment to Mother Earth now. Help her to heal herself and all of her creatures, especially those areas and beings devastated by bushfire.

And so now love from earth, sky, angels, guides. Love from you and from all around you, uplifts you, unites you with the healing power of love contained within you in this very now, creating a ripple of positive energy, for love knows no limit, flowing throughout all, impacting all, uplifting all through this magnificent power of love, inspiring you to live your dream, to walk your authentic truth, to live as the unique, Divine being that you are, one of a kind living your truth now and in this new cycle, this new year, this new decade.