Welcome to Part 2 of the Evenstar Wellbeing Good Gift Guide your go to for ethical gift ideas!  Gifts that are gorgeous for people and great for planet.
If you missed Part 1 - which covered Perfume & Cologne, Chocolate & Wine, Socks & Jocks and BYO Accessories (eg. lunchboxes) - check it out here!
On 12 days (of Christmas) during this Festive Season I am sharing with you, on each of my social media channels, my top gift ideas that are gorgeous for people and great for planet - a holistically GOOD gift guide!
I have tried to capture the things that seem to be 'go to' gifts for people that you want to buy something fairly generic for.  Look out for the posts on your favourite social media platform.  The details of what each of my suggestions are, where you can get these products, and most importantly how to access a discount (where available) are here on the Blog.  
Please note, that other than my recommendation for DoTerra Essential Oils (in #7 Candles & Aromatherapy), I do not have any affiliation with the products or companies I am recommending and get no financial reward for my recommendation.  Where I have personally used a product myself I will give that as my first recommendation, otherwise I am passing on recommendations from other sources in whom I have complete trust and respect. I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful Alexx at Low Tox Life for providing access to the discount codes.

I capture 4 posts of gift ideas per Good Gift Guide Blog.  Part 2 includes: #5 Toys, #6 Pampering, #7 Candles & Aromatherapy, and #8 Pyjamas & Accessories

#5 Toys

Cheap toys have absolutely flooded the market in the last 20 years or so, making it all to easy to fill a Christmas stocking to overflowing with big, colourful, plasticky stuff.  But just remember that there is always a cost somewhere along the life of that product – perhaps people working under hideous conditions and paid next to nothing made it, perhaps it is manufactured using machinery or techniques that are very damaging to the environment, or even closer to the bone (no pun intended), perhaps it contains chemicals that are cheap but very harmful to the precious small human that you’re buying for.  There is some more information specifically about the dangers of plastics on my recent Blog.

My top gift ideas here are:

Good to Play

Australian owned and operated, Good to Play have toys for the whole journey of childhood from newborn to teens.  All products are made from sustainable sources, with the planet in mind as well as little people’s brains!

Shop online at www.goodtoplay.com.  They have super cheap delivery rates and if you subscribe to their newsletter you get 10% off

Play to Learn

With a focus on products that meet Fair Trade standards, this Australian owned and operated company has a massive range of toys, books and arts & crafts goodies. Shop online at www.playtolearn.com.au and you’ll notice that even their packaging is very eco friendly!


Biome will become your favourite online (or in store if you're lucky enough to be near a store) ethical and environmentally friendly place for Christmas shopping! Amongst all their other goodies they have a beautiful range of educational toys and books for all ages. Go to Biome online or in store and get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

#6 Pampering

Let’s face it a gorgeous gift of something that is going to smell delicious and make your loved one look and feel amazing is always an easy pressie.  The problem is that so many of the skin pampering products that are on the market these days – yes even the really expensive ones – are packed with chemicals that are hormone disruptive, neurotoxic and/ or petroleum based.  For some more information check out my Blog: On the Nose.

So what do I recommend?


This Swiss based company, founded by Rudolf Steiner, has been around for almost 100 years and their ethos is based on natural products that do no harm to the earth, remunerating everyone properly – staff, suppliers and partners – and economic sustainability.  Even their packaging is recycled plastic!  I haven’t personally used all their products but their Skin Food moisturizer is amazing, as are their lip balms, especially when you want a splash of colour.  Shop online at www.weleda.com.au You have access to 15% off before 19th December with the code LOWTOX15 and free shipping over $29.95.

Nourished Life

If Weleda sounds good but you’d like to know what else is around go to Nourished Life online and check out all the amazing brands available, including Weleda.  On Nourished Life you will receive 10% off your first order when you join their club, and it is NOT a spammy 100 emails a week type of club at all, rest assured!!

Black Chicken Remedies

Made in Australia with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, they have face, body and hair products for both women & men. Their website is really well laid out for gift purchasing, with categories by price and person type! To get 20% off use the code LTL20 on their website, before 19th December.


If you’re tempted by Black Chicken but you’d like to look at a wider range before you decide you can check out Biome online or in store. They stock Black Chicken and so many more gorgeous options! On Biome you can get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

#7 Candles & Aromatherapy

Something that is going to make a home or office smell delicious can be a beautiful gift idea to give and the scented candle industry is absolutely booming! But unfortunately most candles usually contain several ingredients that are really bad for our health – phthalates which are hormone disruptive, paraffin – a waste product of the petroleum industry, soy – from genetically modified crops, and lead – a dangerous heavy metal.  For more information check out my two blogs on this topic On the Nose and Glow of Wellbeing. So what can you gift instead?

DoTerra essential oils

Well if you follow me at all, you know that I am a huge fan! They have a massive range of certified pure single essential oils and blends, all of which can be used to make your loved ones and their surroundings smell divine. Feel free to purchase these oils through me (always with around 10% discount off RRP). If you're going to buy a few it may be worth setting up your own wholesale account (good idea if you're buying a few gifts and spending $200+ in a year). I do also offer a service of creating custom blended perfume rollers for the special person in your life, for only $25 - just get in touch!

Other essential oil brands to consider are Young Living, Springfields and Twenty8

Queen B Candles

I adore these candles.  They have a fabulous range of candles that are beautiful to look at as well as being very useful and good value.  The website is well laid out with gift ideas for blokes as well as chicks so you can’t go wrong!  You can shop online at www.queenb.com.au or check out the range on sale through Biome online or in store, where you can get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

Northern Light

These are the tealight candles that I use in all my studios!  Northern Light have a smaller range of ‘gifty’ things than Queen B but what they do have are lovely and worth checking out online at www.northernlight.com.au or at a range of retailers across Australia.


Ikou have non-GMO soy candles and essential oil reed diffusers if you’re after something different!  Purchase online at ikou.com.au or check out the range on sale through Biome online or in store, where you can get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

#8 Pyjamas & Accessories

PJs are a lovely gift idea because let’s face it when you’re selecting what you're going to wear to bed yourself it tends to be the stretched, stained old tees and shorts that you don’t want to reveal in the light of day!!  Other clothing accessories like scarves and jewellery can also be great presents, as long as you’re confident that you know the recipient’s style and taste.


Australian made with the utmost commitment to transparency, sustainability and ethical management throughout the production and supply chain, Boody have sleepwear and accessories (like wraps and scarves) for the ladies.  For men they have a few accessories. They also have underwear and leisurewear available.  There are stockists throughout Australia and you can also purchase online at www.boody.com.au

Blessed Earth

This Queensland based Australian company has its clothing manufactured in India to Global Organic Textiles Standard.  Blessed Earth has gorgeous pyjamas, gowns and accessories for women and men.  They also have other clothing available.  Purchase online at www.blessedearth.com.au

Cotton On

For a big name brand that everyone knows and with retail outlets everywhere you can’t go past Cotton On for reasonable standards in the ethical shopping stakes.  They have a great range of sleepwear and accessories for the whole family.  Shop online at www. cottonon.com/AU/ or in store near you.


Biome is surely by now your favourite online (or in store if you're lucky enough to be near a store) ethical and environmentally friendly place for Christmas shopping! Amongst all their other goodies they have a small range of jewellery. Go to Biome online or in store and get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

Reflective Jewellery

This US company produces only ethical fairtrade and handmade pieces in a wide range of prices and designs.  It’s not too late to get something shipped down under for Christmas so check it out now at www.reflectivejewellery.com.

That's it for the Good Gift Guide Part 2.  Look out next week for the final Good Gift Guide, Part 3, which will cover more gifts that are gorgeous for people and great for planet including: #9 Cookware, #10 Soap, #11 Beauty and #12 Vouchers