Welcome to the Evenstar Wellbeing Good Gift Guide!  Gifts that are gorgeous for people and great for planet.
On 12 days (of Christmas) during this Festive Season I will share with you, on each of my social media channels, my top tips for buying gifts that are gorgeous for people and great for planet - a holistically GOOD gift guide!
I have tried to capture the things that seem to be 'go to' gifts for people that you want to buy something fairly generic for because, well, because a multitude of possible reasons! Look out for the posts on your favourite social media platform.  The details of what each of my suggestions are, where you can get these products, and most importantly how to access a discount (where available) will be here on the Blog.  Please note, that other than my very first recommendation, for DoTerra Essential Oils, I do not have any affiliation with the products or companies I am recommending and get no financial reward for my recommendation.  Where I have personally used a product myself I will give that as my first recommendation, otherwise I am passing on recommendations from other sources in whom I have complete trust and respect. I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful Alexx at Low Tox Life for providing access to the discount codes.

I will capture 4 posts per Good Gift Guide Blog, so this Part 1 includes: #1 Perfume & Cologne, #2 Socks & Jocks, #3 Chocolate & Wine, and #4 BYO Accessories (eg. lunchboxes)

#1 Perfume & Cologne

If you haven't yet caught my recent blog on the dangers of synthetic fragrances (and yes that does mean your super expensive designer perfume, as well as sooo many other things that surround us!) then I urge you to take a look!
So what are these Good Gift Guide options? The thing you're going to love the most is probably the price!:

DoTerra essential oils

Well if you follow me at all, you know that I am a huge fan! They have a massive range of amazing essential oil blends, all of which can be used as perfume or cologne. Just for the festive season they have also brought out a new after shave called Amavi! Feel free to purchase these oils through me (always with around 10% discount off RRP). If you're going to buy a few it may be worth setting up your own wholesale account (good idea if you're buying a few gifts and spending $200+ in a year). I do also offer a service of creating custom blended perfume rollers for the special person in your life, for only $25 - just get in touch!

Black Chicken Remedies

Made in Australia with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, they have perfumes and balms for both women & men. To get 20% off use the code LTL20 on their website, before 19th December.

IME perfumes

Made in Australia and certified 100% natural. You can purchase these products through Biome online or in store and get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December. Biome also have other natural fragrances available especially for blokes.

Vanessa Megan perfumes

Made in Australia from organic, natural, bioavailable and wild harvested ingredients. Only seem to be for the ladies unfortunately! Shop online at www.vanessamegan.com

#2 Socks & Jocks

What are these Good Gift Guide options for these small stocking stuffers that everyone's Nan loves to give them?!  Just remember that these are great options for you to send as suggestions when someone asks you what you want too.  And if you're mum is anything like mine with internet shopping, just suggest she transfers you the funds for your gift of choice and you do the shopping yourself!


Australian made with the utmost commitment to transparency, sustainability and ethical management throughout the production and supply chain, Boody  has Socks and Underwear for women, men and kids.  They also have other clothing available.  There are stockists throughout Australia and you can also purchase online at www.boody.com.au


Etiko were one of the first clothing companies to be Fair-trade Certified.  They have underwear for Women and Men available in 100% organic cotton. There are stockists throughout Australia and you can also purchase online at www.etiko.com.au

The Very Good Bra

This small Australian company manufactures bras and underwear completely waste and toxin free, leaving no post-consumer waste. So when it's useful life is over you can bury your underwear in the garden! They also have sleep and loungewear. Purchase online at www.theverygoodbra.com

Blessed Earth

This Queensland based Australian company has its clothing manufactured in India to Global Organic Textiles Standard.  Blessed Earth  has Socks and Underwear for women, men and kids.  They also have other clothing available.  Purchase online at www.blessedearth.com.au


Biome will become your favourite online (or in store if you're lucky enough to be near a store) ethical and environmentally friendly place for Christmas shopping! Amongst all their other goodies they have Socks and Underwear for women, men and kids. Go to Biome online or in store and get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

#3 Chocolate & Wine

Let's face it these are the perfect gift when you really don't know someone terribly well!  As long as you do know that they love chocolate or wine (and who doesn't right??!!) What are these Good Gift Guide options for these versatile pressies, and also the odd treat for yourself at any time of year?


OMG!  If you haven't tried this chocolate yet, stop reading this post and get to a shop ASAP!! Hand made in Australia with organic, vegan, raw indredients and NO refined sugar this chocolate is truly da bomb!!  You can get it almost everywhere these days including the big supermarkets (of course I'd much prefer you to support a small, local business like your village health food shop though!) and you can also buy online direct. Their gift packs are beautifully packaged and contain 4 of the 45g bars. Also look out for their chocolate spread and ice cream.  I'm drooling writing this!! Also a big tick for NO plastic packaging! Biome have a good range of their products online or in store. Get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

Loving Earth

As their name suggests, these folks really care about the planet and believe the earth and the food that comes from it to be truly sacred.  Their chocolate is plant based, preservative free and certified organic.  They have a wide range, including gift packs. and are also available pretty much everywhere these days and you can also by direct online.  Their inner plastic wrapper is even made from fully home compostible materials!  They are my personal second choice! Biome have a good range of their products online or in store. Get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.

Temple Bruer

Australian wineries that are both certified organic and 100% carbon neutral are pretty rare, and Temple Brauer are leading the way.  Their wines are delicious and they are all low preservative, and a number of them are totally preservative free. They have stockists throughout Australia and you can also purchase online at www.templebruer.com with a festive season offer of a free bottle of sparking red when you buy 5 bottles!  Happy to take that free one off your hands any time!!


I have not used this online shop myself but they sound pretty awesome and have a wide range of organic, biodynamic, vegan and preservative free options for delivery throughout Australia so check them out if you want a gift of alcohol that is going to taste amazing for your loved one and not leave Mother Earth with a hangover! As well as wine they also have Blind Tiger Organic Gin, which I have had before and it is amazing! (purchased from a local organic shop, yep walking the talk!) www.organicwine.com.au

#4 BYO Accessories (eg. lunchboxes)

For the inside scoop on why it's a good idea to ditch the plastic lunchboxes and drink bottles as we head into the next decade, feel free to check out my recent Blog on how Plastics could be impacting your health.
Here are my Good Gift Guide recommendations for some great gifts to give (or ask for) to make the swap away from plastic a cinch!


Moving away from your traditional plastic lunchbox - for both adults and kids - means ditching something that tends to break, scratch, stain and then when you can't use it anymore it's not going to break down for 1000 years plus!  Take a deep breath and don't get into planet grief overwhelm just yet.  Make sure the next one you purchase is made from stainless steel, glass (perhaps not best for school lunches!), bamboo or even paper!

Drink Bottles

For the same reason as swapping away from your plastic lunchboxes and food containers, changing to a plastic free drink bottle will be much better for the health of the people using it and the planet.  You may even like to consider a bottle that filters the water as well.  WatersCo make a 600ml bottle (which is non-BPA containing perspex btw) that filters out the nasties like heavy metals and fluoride and puts back in alkalising minerals.  You can get 10% off the entire WatersCo range before 19th December with this code: TPHSYDKKXAQJ

Cutlery, Straws & More

These are another great stocking filler or kris kringle idea for when your loved one is out and about but doesn't want to take single use cutlery for their grab and go lunch during work hours, or a plastic straw that's going to end up choking sea life.  You will find stainless steel, wood, bamboo and glass options available to suit every need.

For all these Good Gift Guide ideas  - Lunchboxes, Drink Bottles, Cutlery, Straws & More - my recommendation is that you go to Biome online or in store, or Nourished Life online and check out the amazing ranges available.  Your local organic or health food shop would also definitely be able to assist, and even big supermarkets are starting to stock healthier options.

On Biome you can get 15% off with the code GOLOWTOX15 before 19th December.  On Nourished Life you will receive 10% off your first order when you join their club, and it is NOT a spammy 100 emails a week type of club at all, rest assured!!

That's it for the Good Gift Guide Part 1.  Look out next week for Good Gift Guide Part 2, which will cover more gifts that are gorgeous for people and great for planet including: #5 Toys, #6 Skin Pampering, #7 Candles & Essential Oils, and #8 Pyjamas & Accessories