We’ve been nurtured and restored during Cancer season, helping us to recover from the physical and mental activity of the first quarter of the astrological year.

We are ready now then to take ourselves out into the world, to create and to express who we are, to get our Leo on!

Please do be aware that I work with the sidereal zodiac, which considers astrology from the actual placement of the stars in the current time. You can check this out for a quick 101 on Sidereal Astrology.

Sidereal Leo – August 9th to September 15th

The Sun actually rises in the constellation of Leo from 9th August through to 15th September.  Leo is a fairly large constellation so its season runs for a bit more than 5 weeks. And, yes if you read up about sidereal astrology, these dates are not set in stone, over almost three quarters of a century the dates will change by one day, in accordance with precession.

So Who Needs to Really Read this?

  • People who are born between August 8th (NB see above comment about the dates changing; what this means is depending on how old the person is they may have been born into Leo season even if they were born on the 8th August) and September 15th. Being born between these dates means that your ‘Sun’ sign is in Cancer and you identify as a Leo. You most likely see yourself as creative, playful, affectionate and very important!
  • People who know their astrology chart and can identify that either their Moon or their Ascendant (Rising) is in Leo.
    * If your Moon is in Leo this means that you need to feel Leo qualities for emotional health – you need a lot of attention and admiration, and as the king of the jungle you always want to be ‘the best’.
    * If your Ascendant/ Rising sign is Leo, this means that this is the sign that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born and it is what you are becoming and are developing through this life. You are becoming confident, generous and successful.

Lastly, again for those who can read their birth chart, if you have Leo on the cusp of your 6th house, or indeed anywhere in your 6th house, this is the house of health & wellbeing (amongst other things) so it is pertinent for you.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, again go back to this first Blog in the series for more information on Houses.

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Also of course if you are in a significant relationship (parent, child, partner, lover, close friend or colleague) with someone who has Leo Sun, Moon or Ascendant (or 6th House) then this could be useful information for you! Enjoy!

Fixed Fire

Leo is the second of the three Fire signs in the zodiac – burning with desire for recognition, passion for life and deep courage.

If you need any more reminders about what the Fire element means in the zodiac, head back to the piece about Aries, which was the first Fire sign.

As a Fixed Fire sign, we can see Leo as the peak expression of Fire.  The Fixed Mode, is the full expression of the element – not the beginning phases of it in the Cardinal Mode or the preparation to change in the Mutable Mode.  Previously we spoke about Taurus as the Fixed Earth sign.

The Wheel of the Year

Western Tropical Astrology continues to make the association between the seasons and the zodiac, and this often only works well in the Northern hemisphere. Leo season in this context is the last month of Summer (late summer in Sidereal astrology).

As a Fire sign it is of course easy to associate Leo with summer. Everything about nature in summer is in its full expression in Leo season – warm and completely grown, .  However, I also feel that Leo season is appropriate in the southern hemisphere, coming in soon after the first traditional celebration of Spring (Imbolc – at the beginning of August) and heralding the return of the Sun.

Sun and the Lion

Leo is ruled by the Sun. So along with Cancer being ruled by the Moon this constellation has the honour of being ruled by a luminary.  The Sun lights everything up, and Leo desires the spotlight, so it’s a perfect partnership.

The symbol of Leo is the Lion.  The proud, powerful lion is the king of the jungle and he knows it, and wants everyone else to know it too. He rules from the heart and protects those that he loves. But inside the jungle king is always the playful cub, and Leo certainly has a childlike joy and full love of life.

The Fifth House

In astrology, the chart is divided into 12 houses, which refer to 12 different areas of life.  If a planet or a sign is ‘in a house’ this will give us the information about which area of life their energetic affect is going to be felt in.

Each of the signs ‘rules’ one of the houses.  This means that they each have a particular area of life in which they are most comfortable, they have a natural affinity to it.

Leo, as the fifth sign, rules the fifth house.  The fifth house is all about creativity, including our innate ability to create new life: children. Sex and romance, as well as all other fun, pleasurable and potentially risky activities sit here.  However someone chooses to express themselves out into the world is in the realm of the 5th house – the arts, hobbies, even small business.

From a health and wellness perspective the fifth house is associated with fertility and a person’s story around having children. It also can influence their creativity in cooking and food preparation, as well as health in general eg. seeking different ways to be well.

Body Aspects

Each sign of the zodiac also has a particular body type associated with it, but this is largely based on the elements, so all Fire types will have a similar body type, which is generally strong and athletic.  There is more detail here in regards to the first Fire sign, Aries.  However, given their love of pleasurable activities Leo types can tend towards excess weight if they don’t move enoughCardiovascular exercise is particularly important for Leo.

Leos are known to have a very strong constitution – often thought of as the strongest constitution of the Zodiac, rarely falling ill.  They also often have a wonderful posture – holding themselves tall as befits their proud personality, and it is said that you can tell how emotionally ‘well’ a Leo is by how straight they are standing!

It is common for people to have the body type that equates to their rising sign element because it is in the 1st House, which concerns image and body. This is not always true though and your body type may relate more to the most dominant element in your chart, or a combination of that and your rising sign. If you want to find out for yourself book a session.

From an eastern medical point of view the Leo constitution tends to be hot and dry.

Leo rules the following body parts:

  • Heart
  • Spine – including nerves and marrow, especially T3 & T4 (which are at the level of the heart)
  • Blood
  • Spleen
  • Circulatory System
  • Liver

What this means is that Leo can tend towards ailments in these areas, common ones are:

  • Injuries to and illnesses in the above body parts
  • Heart disease
  • Heartache, palpitations and angina
  • Hot flushes, panic attacks, fainting
  • Fevers
  • Blood cell disorders (red & white)
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Hair loss
  • Spinal problems
  • Burnout (common to all fire signs)

Leo, for all his outward pride, is very ‘heart sensitive’ and can be susceptible to illnesses resulting from emotional situations around fear of failure or of not being loved.

Leo and Chakras

When thinking about the relationship between Leo and the 7 Essential Energies, or Chakras, Leo has strong connections to the 2nd (Creation) Energy Centre, or Sacral Chakra and the 3rd (Power) Energy Centre, or Solar Plexus.

The Creation Energy is the centre of creativity, sexuality and partnerships.  The Power Energy is the centre of confidence, self esteem and ‘get up and go’.


Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approaches to health and wellbeing for Leo



Exercising outside in the sun, helps to nourish Leo’s fire.

Cardiovascular exercise is very important, and it’s hard for Leo to keep still in general so channeling some of this energy into movement makes for better overall health. If you need some information about why movement is so important and where to start, check this out.



Leo finds it difficult to switch off, but as with all fire signs, they need to be especially careful of burning out.

Sleep is essential for the body and brain to repair and replenish.  Have a read of this article, How to have the best sleep ever.


  • Creative activities are very important for Leo to channel energy, this doesn’t have to be something artistic, it can be cooking, gardening, redecorating
  • Leo needs to be careful to take time out to avoid burn out, a regular meditation practice would be very beneficial
  • Leo is affectionate and loyal to those he loves, and needs to remember that it is ok to ask for help when he needs it
  • Bach flower: Vervain (there are others that are very useful depending on what exactly you are managing, contact me for more details)


It is rare to find a vegetarian Leo!  If you are one then be especially careful to include plenty of iron in your diet.  As I’ve already mentioned, Leo is a great pleasure lover, so he also needs to be careful not to overindulge in rich foods.

  • Avoid very spicy, stimulating foods
  • Lean meat – red and white
  • Magnesium Phosphate (mineral) foods – peas, oats, citrus, plums, apples, green leafy vegetables
  • Vegetables – beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, pumpkin, corn
  • Fruits – oranges, lemons, coconut, raisins, mangos, paw paw, rockmelon, persimmon
  • Other – wheat bran, cocoa, tofu, eggs, nuts
  • Leo Herbs to eat – parsley, mint, rosemary, dandelion


There are a lot of herbs that are useful for Leo and which ones are most appropriate for you will depend on what symptoms/ conditions you are trying to manage.  A couple of the common ones to use as teas are:

  • Chamomile
  • Valerian
  • Nettle
  • Lime blossom
  • St John’s Wort
  • Peppermint or Spearmint



Essential Oils

  • Ylang Ylangthe oil of the Inner Child: promotes playfulness, joyfulness and emotional connection
  • Wild Orangethe oil of Abundance: promotes a playful, creative and joyful outlook
  • Roman Chamomilethe oil of Spiritual purpose: promotes peace and the shedding of meaningless activities
  • Peppermintthe oil of a Buoyant Heart: promotes optimism and the strength to face emotional pain
  • Spearmintthe oil of Confident Speech: promotes clarity and courage to speak articulately about emotional matters
  • Rosethe oil of Divine Love: promotes the ability to receive divine love and feel loved and then express compassion and tenderness for others
  • Marjoramthe oil of Connection: promotes closeness in relationships through trust, love and being emotionally open
  • Manukathe oil of being Upheld: promotes a sense of being loved, soothed, safe and nurtured

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