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Healthy Environment…happy, healthy you!

Healthy environment...happy, healthy you! We have been incredibly focussed on our immediate surroundings during 2020.  The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to stay away from many places in which we would normally spend a lot of time.  It has meant that the majority of the population has had to move their whole lives into the home for working, schooling, exercising, shopping (online of course) and leisure activities. So, what better subject to end the year on, than a good hard look at what is important in terms of having the most healthy environment possible around you.  Of course it's important to look at your home because that is where you go to relax and unwind, and especially where you sleep. But if you normally spend many of the hours of your week in a workplace it is also important to consider everything below in relation to that location as well.  Is your work place a healthy environment? Surroundings Surroundings is one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™ - the other four being Food, Movement, Sleep and Being.  Each of these 5 aspects cannot be considered the one key to overall wellbeing.  They are intimately entwined and need to be viewed as 5 parts of a whole - my holistic approach!  I will introduce all five components in the content below, but to start with lets look at some

Glow of Wellbeing: the problem with scented candles

Our sense of smell is an amazing thing because aromas can have such an effect on our emotions.  A smell can remind you of something and put you in a good or a bad mood as a result. An aroma can help you to relax, can wake you up or put a smile on your face. Sensing a smell results from chemicals in the air around you stimulating your nervous system.  Therefore, we are talking here about Surroundings which is one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing. The human smelling sense can detect more than 10K different aromas! Fragrance, Health & Wellbeing Fragrances are a very important sensory stimulant, which can affect our wellbeing on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and also physical (remember the last time an unpleasant smell made you feel physically sick?) As a Wellbeing Practitioner who works with Essential Oils every day I rely on the effect of aroma to help improve outcomes for my clients both in their sessions with me and when they go back to their everyday lives. Indeed it is the appeal of a fragrance being impactful on our environment and our wellbeing that has created a multi-billion dollar global candle industry. With all the retailers reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner I thought it was a good time to talk about the potential hazards of fragranced candles and what

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