2020 Festive Season: 5 steps to making the most of it

2020 Festive Season: 5 steps to making the most of it It’s been said too many times, but, 2020! What a year, huh?! Yes many of us will be really glad to see the back of it and move into youthful, effervescent sounding 2021! However, we still have the most stressful part of this year (and any year) to get through – the Festive Season! Incorporating different celebrations depending on where you live and what your beliefs are, the period from mid November through to the New Year is one that is inevitably jam packed with, well, festivities! Perhaps what has occurred during 2020, and the global pandemic of COVID-19, will make more people value and understand the benefits of slowing life down somewhat. However, for many people, especially if you’ve just come out of lockdown (cause to celebrate in itself!) there is quite possibly a sense of having to make up for lost time and really cram as much celebrating as possible into the 2020 Festive Season. In order for you to have as much energy and balance as you possibly can during the 2020 Festive Season why not take an Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™ approach! Here are my suggestions for you, plus the all important gift ideas too: Food Feeding the troops It can be so much easier to get takeaway or buy pre-packaged meals when you are short