Aries Season

I’m just getting this Blog in on time before Aries season is actually over! Please do be aware that I work with the sidereal zodiac which considers astrology from the actual placement of the stars in the current time. A quick 101 on Sidereal Astrology The word sidereal means "of, or calculated by, the stars". Sounds pretty obvious when we're talking about astrology doesn't it?! This is the way that our ancient ancestors first began to practise astronomy and astrology - by looking at the stars, the planets, the constellations themselves. So how is this different to the standard practise of astrology that most people are used to? Well, around 2000 years ago the stars matched the seasons and at the Equinox in March (Spring in the northern hemisphere) the Sun moved into the constellation of Aries. Tropical Western (aka 'common or garden'!) astrology has continued to view the astrological calendar in this way, ie. the March Equinox is fixed as the beginning of Aries season and everything else follows from that. However, in the 2nd century BC, a Greek astronomer called Hipparchus, discovered that there is a tiny but gradual shift in the orientation of the Earth's axis of rotation, called precession. What this means is that over thousands of years the view of the stars from the Earth has shifted so that at the March Equinox the Sun