How to reduce stress and increase productivity naturally?

Are you stressed? Are you productive? The two go hand in hand in a negative energy cycle and in fact the more stressed you are the less productive you are.

Stress is one of the 3 pillars of wellbeing – the other 2 being diet and environment (which I will talk about another time).  The word ‘stress’ is such a commonly used one these days and in the modern world so many things are stressors to the human body (indeed diet and environment can also be stressful to your body).

The modern way of western life is not how humanity was  designed to live.  Scientific studies have now shown that happiness, longevity and absence of disease is highest in societies that still live in a traditional way – eating plant based diets, being removed from environmental toxins, living in tribal based communities where everyone shares the load for sourcing food, money, shelter, for caring for children, for cooking and other domenstic tasks, for looking after the elderly and the unwell.  All work and many things which in our society are stress is shared amongst a large extended family or the whole tribe of traditional humans.

In modern Western society we break off into our nuclear families, each of which has a huge amount of pressure on it, especially on the 1-2 adults in the household who are expected to do everything and look after everyone. This pressure builds up a vortex of negative energy (ie. stress) until you look and feel like a cat chasing it’s tail and you are not achieving anything!!

The problem is the more pressure we feel to keep chasing our tail to try to get those illusory things off the to-do list, the less likely we are to take time out to work on ourselves and our wellbeing. This then becomes a vicious cycle of stress and limited or negative productivity.

Not giving yourself regular time and opportunity to let the stress completely dissipate – literally giving yourself a time out – kills your productivity. If you employ or manage others this applies both to yourself and your staff.


So how can you reduce stress and increase productivity naturally? I unfortunately do not have a magic wand that I can wave and remove that enormous pile of paperwork on your desk, or the dozens of calendar entries in your diary or the irritating mother in law!  But just remember that everything is energy and stress is a form of negative energy that can cause a lot of imbalance to all your energetic levels – physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual.

So, when you take preventative measures for your own wellbeing you are bringing back balance with positive energy and your resilience to stress increases, and most importantly so does your productivity.

Here are 7 things you can do for yourself to decrease stress and increase positivity:

  1. Reiki – this is the Evenstar Reiki Yarraville website, so unsurprisingly I am going to recommend that you have Reiki.  Reiki will give your energy a kick start back into balance, but Reiki alone can never solve all your problems, unfortunately! You are the only person who can heal you and you also need to do some or all of these other things!
  2. Time – make time to spend with people you love and doing things you enjoy – at least once a week. If you need to actually put it in your diary then do that! The rule is that you are completely present in that activity and with those people for that time out – no phones, emails, office shopping, etc.
  3. Diet – eat well.  Eat foods grown from the earth, not man-made ‘food-like’ products if it’s not a natural product that has grown we are not meant to eat it.
  4. Drink – drink lots of purified water
  5. Stimulants – keep alcohol, and drugs of any kind – prescription and non-prescription – to an absolute minimum
  6. Natural health and beauty products – substitute natural products for medications, synthetic supplements, skin care and beauty products.  Use things such as essential oils and herbs or other plant based products
  7. Exercise – do whatever you enjoy – as long as you are moving your body regularly

Simples, right!

If you want a boost to decrease your own stress levels and increase your productivity Book an appointment now!

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