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4 Fantastic Gift Giving Tips for the Festive Season

Gift Giving

Gift giving is a big part of the Festive Season, whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there are still end of year gifts to buy for colleagues, teachers, service providers…the list goes on!

In this Blog I give you my 4 best ideas about gift giving to help to get you through with ease and grace!

I cover:

  • the benefits of giving gifts to your wellbeing
  • ideas for making your festive season as ‘green’ as possible
  • the best gift ever – an experience!
  • my chakra gift giving guide (that is using your energy centres to help you buy the best presents ever)

If you like the idea of giving someone you love an experiential gift but you’re still not sure what experience will work, how about the Gift of Wellbeing?!  There are vouchers for Wellbeing & Energy Healing Consultations, as well as Aromatherapy Massages available here.  Feel free to contact me if you want some help deciding!

This video was recorded last year but there is updated information in the full blog, published by Sivana East.

About the Author:

Arwen Bardsley is a wellbeing practitioner who delves into the broader and deeper levels of health and wellbeing and is the founder of Evenstar Wellbeing. She explores how science and nature are always at work in alternative health and wellbeing. Arwen specialises in looking at underlying causes (including metaphysical anatomy and epigenetics), preventative health and energetic balance on all levels. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Melbourne and Reiki Master qualifications, Arwen focuses on helping people to improve their health with restorative energy balance.

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