Communication is Key

This month’s Full Moon is on Friday 23rdNovember at 5.07pm, in Melbourne.  Its energy is always felt for a few days either side.  The full moon this month lands in the sign of Gemini – the dualistic twins.  This is a very energising sign – the whole ‘2 is better than 1’ phenomenon!  The Gemini moon also occurs in the Sagittarius sun sign period.  Gemini is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign, and we all know what happens when you give air to a fire – fierce burning, perhaps a lot of smoke, and then potentially a rapid burnout! As always we want to strive for balance and resist letting our own energies becoming too overactive with this universal energy.  Gemini all about extremes rather than balance so beware!

Prelude to the December Full Moon

The Full Moon in December will also still remain in Gemini but the sun sign will have just flipped over to Capricorn so the energy will be somewhat different.  However, you will have the opportunity with the November full moon to uncover a truth – and I’m about to talk all about communication here! – and for the December full moon to really bring that truth home to roost.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Gemini is very communication focused but as we have just had Mercury (planet of communication) go into retrograde this could be a little tricky.  The moon turns our focus inwards so use this energy to focus on communication with yourself.  Speaking yourtruth, to yourself.  It might be a good time to journal and write down things that you would like to say to others, instead of actually saying them! Gemini loves writing. You could even write letters to people that you want to say something to, but don’t send those missives just yet!

There is always healing available from Mother Moon but this month the universe is making it difficult to be calm and balanced, so if you need to repair a relationship get those thoughts down in your alone time.  Remember to be open to listening too!  Sagittarius and Gemini represent the two polarities of communication, learning and expression.  Sagittarius likes to explore one thing in great depth but Gemini likes lots of little bits of information.  So may feel inclined to do either with your writing.  Writing little love notes to yourself could be a good way to start, because self love opens the door to all other love in life.

Writing could also be useful as mood swings may be quite extreme (even more so than with a standard full moon – yikes!) and rather than losing your temper and losing friends, spilling those acerbic words onto paper instead could be just what the moon doctor ordered! Astrologers tell us that this full moon is especially influential for those born under Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Heartfelt Connection

When the moon is in an Air sign it prompts us to focus on our heart chakra.

My Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing tips for managing this full moon are as follows:


  • access lots of fresh air. Open windows, exercise outside
  • avoid toxins in your surroundings including synthetic fragrances and pollution
  • use essential oils and crystals to cleanse your surroundings
  • Don’t forget that your crystals need cleansing themselves in order to function effectively, and the light of the full moon is one of the most powerful crystal cleansers – just remember to bring them back in before the morning sun will hit them


  • Move the upper limbs, shoulders, chest – sound like time to get to that weights class, do some yoga, swim
  • Get outside for as much movement as possible so you can increase your fresh air intake!
  • The full moon is about release so make sure you sweat and increase your heart rate


  • Green is the colour of the heart chakra so now is an even better time than any other to increase your greens – green smoothies can be an easy way to do this
  • Moon juice – put some glass bottles of water out in the light of the full moon overnight and discover the taste of clean energising water the next day


  • Many people find that the full moon interferes with their sleep so perhaps try using some essential oils, an eye pillow or mask, and definitely getting off your devices at least an hour before you need to be asleep
  • If you can’t sleep, let it go!Perhaps get out of bed or open the blinds and bathe in that beautiful moonlight until you’re ready to access the dreamspace and discover your truth


  • Meditation allows us to venture into a place of stillness, which enables the mind to let go. Look up some heart chakra meditations on your favourite meditation app, or simply use the heart as your focus
  • Journal and write love notes to yourself
  • Tap into what your heart desires most
  • What is the truth that this moon uncovers for you?
  • Energy healing is always helpful when we need to let go and access our truth