Love your wellbeing

We’re up to the Heart in my series of Blogs about balancing your Chakras – the 7 main energy centres that we all have, and where our bodies (on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are especially open to receiving energy.

We must first love ourselves before we can love others in any sustainable way but if we are constantly giving our love away to others we often don’t have enough left for ourselves.  This is why balance in the heart chakra is essential.  The heart chakra is the air element energy centre and develops during the fourth decade of life, the 30s – when it is common for people to partner up, settle down and start their own families.

The areas of the physical body where heart chakra imbalances manifest are:

  • heart conditions, including abnormal heart rate
  • asthma, and other respiratory conditions
  • generalised anxiety
  • sleep apnea
  • lung conditions
  • poor circulation
  • hot or cold hands
  • blood pressure issues
  • breast problems, including lumps and cancers
  • and conditions affecting the arms and hands.

In the video I discuss other personality, mental and emotional signs of heart chakra imbalance, as well as ways that you can bring balance back again.  If you prefer to read the full Blog, it was featured by Sivana East.

The essential oils that I mention are:

For overactivity

  • Melissa – will help to promote gratitude instead of bitterness
  • Lavender – will replace a feeling of neglect with one of being cherished
  • Easy Air blend from DoTerra

For underactivity

  • Rose – will help you feel loved instead of lonely
  • Cinnamon – will help you to once again feel connected instead of remote
  • Geranium – will replace a sense of disconnection with being in touch again
  • Jasmine – will bring about trust when you are afraid
  • Lemongrass – will make you once again feel emotionally expansive instead of constrained
  • Tea tree – will help you to move from intolerance to empathy
  • Easy Air and Cheer blends from DoTerra

The crystals that I would recommend to assist Heart Chakra imbalance are:

  • Emerald – unconditional love, lungs, heart
  • Rose Quartz – unconditional love, attracting love, trust, empathy, mid-life crises, grief, self-love, heart, circulation, lungs
  • Green Aventurine – compassion, empathy, heart regeneration, blood pressure, heart, lungs

Energy healing will always be beneficial for any chakra imbalance. Book an appointment now!