Spending money on unhealthy things

Are you always spending money on things that you are sure will make you feel better, or make your life better, only to turn around the next week and have to spend some more of your hard earned cash because things actually haven’t changed?!

We are most definitely a consumer society. A throw-away society. A society where you just have to have the latest iPhone every year because of our ingrained and chronic FOMO (fear of missing out) and our Compare and Despair addiction (aka keeping up with the Joneses)!

When was the last time that you actually invested in your health and wellbeing and brought about some positive change in your life? Perhaps you are struggling to think back that far!? Or perhaps you are thinking that you’d like to invest in your wellbeing but you can’t afford it? These are some things that you could be wasting your money on, although you think that they will make you feel better!

Things you Consume

This is the one that we have all been guilty of at some time or another, because it’s all widely available, quick to obtain and relatively low cost. There are 3 main groups here: (1) Alcohol and Cigarettes (2) Unhealthy food (3) Miracle pills and supplements.

You have a bad day and find yourself buying a chocolate bar at lunchtime, or picking up a pack of cigarettes (even though you gave up a few weeks ago) or stopping at the bottle shop on your way home. Why do you do this?   Because you know that these things will numb your pain quickly. But how will you feel in the longer term? Potentially a lot worse if you over-indulge!

Any junk food or drugs (legal or illegal) will most likely increase your risk of serious illness, through nutritional starvation, fat production and the reduced immunity that occurs when we overload our bodies with toxins (including foods that are not whole foods from the earth).

The Miracle pills and supplements category is slightly different because it’s less likely to be spur of the moment. You will need to have been made aware of the existence of such a product (via adverstising or an internet search) and you will need to actually source it. The bottom line with these things is that there is no true ‘miracle pill’ for anything, and in fact your body has the innate ability to heal itself if your energies are balanced, so this is an out and out waste of your hard earned cash!

Things you buy as a distraction

We all know someone who has a real shopping addiction. They are always buying a new item of clothing or accessory or homeware, and almost certainly they did not adhere to Buy Nothing New Month in October!! If you that person perhaps you wonder why you do it? We almost always buy ‘things’ because the shopping process distracts us from whatever it is that is missing from our lives, and on some level we think that our purchase is going to fill the void left by the thing that is missing. What is missing? Well it could be many things, but almost certainly there is something out of balance in our emotional or spiritual body, leaving a gap in our wellbeing.

Some people don’t buy ‘things’ but they buy a little piece of ‘I’ll be happy when’ in the form of a lottery ticket or a bet. Let’s be clear that this is like a message to the Universe that you are giving up any controlling interest in your financial wellbeing! You’re saying “I leave my levels of abundance to chance!” The chances of winning a lottery are next to nothing. But what are the chances that you will become seriously ill, and even increase your risk of earlier morbidity if you don’t start to look after your wellbeing?! With every day of poor wellbeing choices those chances increase!

Things you buy because they are going to make you or your life better

Hang on, you may say, what about all those things that I spend my money on specifically to improve my wellbeing? Like my gym memberships? Aha! So you are or have been a member at more than one gym! But how often to do you go and make the most of your investment?

Many people treat a gym membership like a type of wellbeing insurance – they think that just by having it they are improving their wellbeing! It’s like when you’re writing an essay and you feel really good when you print out all the research, but in fact nothing is achieved until you do something with the information you’ve gathered! You have to sit down and write that paper using your research, and that is where the real work is, not in printing out reams of references!

If you have a gym membership you have to actually go to the gym! If you are not disciplined enough to get yourself to the gym regularly then you are simply throwing money away. Perhaps you should invest instead in personal training, where you will be held accountable by someone who is going to force you to not only turn up, but also to actually improve your fitness levels.  You may like to check out my Blog on 6 Tips to Motivate yourself to Exercise too!

Another big one in this category is Apps or other technology. The same principle applies, having a FitBit or an Apple Watch does not improve your wellbeing, you actually need to start taking those steps (no pun intended!) Downloading app after app that is designed to help you organize your life better (perhaps one to help you track where you spend your money!!) is not going to improve your wellbeing unless you actually take action!!

So, in summary, have a good look at where you are spending your money with the goal of improving your life, specifically your health and wellbeing. If any of this rings (‘ka-ching’ – can you hear that cash register??!!) true for you and you are ready to make a change to really improve your wellbeing then please contact me to have a chat about how I can help!