Asthma and Essential Oils

Breathlessness. Wheezing. Tightness in the chest. A continual cough. Do you, or someone you care about suffer from asthma? If so, you may have medication to treat the symptoms but nothing that you seem to do makes this chronic condition go away permanently?

One of my clients was in this exact situation. She had suffered from respiratory issues her whole life. First contracting bronchitis as a baby, and then every winter therafter. Some years when she was very young the bronchitis was so bad that she was hospitalised with it.

Impact of Asthma

Then a couple of years ago, around age 30, she developed chronic asthma. The asthma caused her to have difficulty breathing and to cough constantly, to the point where she was in pain and would continually lose her voice. To add injury to insult, the asthma also caused ongoing chest infections. My client found herself being repeatedly prescribed two different types of puffers and antibiotics. The asthma would generally clear up a bit but then would reoccur shortly after she finished a course of medication. It got to the point that nothing she was taking was working.

It is important to note here that my client is well known in the world of business in Australia, having been named on the Top 10 list of Australian Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 by My Entrepreneur Magazine and appointed as a judge for both the Telstra Business Awards and the Women’s Business Awards. Her work revolves around talking – whether mentoring clients, being interviewed, or presenting – so her asthma was becoming a huge problem for her, having a major impact on her work and life in general.  Due to her difficulty breathing she stopped exercising, and she regularly had to cancel client appointments and cough her way through speaking events!

Essential oils and Asthma

Luckily for both of us, I became a business coaching client of this lady, and very early on I recommended to her that she try using the DoTerra essential oils. The two blends that I recommended to her were EasyAir and OnGuard.

EasyAir is a respiratory blend, designed to open and clear the airways. It comes as lozenges and a vapour stick as well as in oil format, and has a clear minty aroma. On Guard is another Doterra blend that is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic, combining orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, into a gorgeous fruitcake aroma.

My client began using a combination of both these blends for 4 hours a day in the diffuser whilst she was working. (NB A diffuser specifically designed for use with essential oils does not put much moisture into the air like a standard vaporizer and is therefore much better for the treatment of asthma). She did this 2 weeks straight and in her own words she “honestly couldn’t believe” the results. She stopped coughing, began breathing without any difficulty and was able to completely cease taking any other medication! She now uses EasyAir once or twice a week for maintenance of her good respiratory health, and 3 months later she remains off medication, and has had no further occurrences of asthma or bronchitis.

The Metaphysics of Asthma

Metaphysically speaking, asthma is an indication of having taken on too much stress and responsibility and feeling a loss of control over your life ie. Literally feeling stifled and being unable to breathe for yourself. It can also be a way to escape from confrontation and arguments. In children, asthma can indicate a fear of life due to taking on the intense emotions (fear, sadness, anger) of one or both parents. The beauty of essential oils is that they will work on all energetic levels – physical, mental, emotional and spritiutal – so even if you can’t make a cognitive connection between these possible metaphysical causes of asthma and you – the essential oil will bring everything back into balance so that you can heal yourself on all energetic levels.

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This Blog does not take the place of medical care and that it is recommended you consult a GP or alternative medical practitioner for any physical or psychological ailment that you may have. Ongoing breathlessness of any kind is not normal and you should always consult a medical practitioner about these kinds of symptoms.