Gut-Brain Connection

More and more research is being done and finding associations between our gut micro biome and how well our brain is working, including in serious illnesses such as depression, anxiety, autism, MS, OCD, CFS and even just plain old stress!

In this Vlog I talk about:

  • how the digestive system has its own nervous system
  • how it also plays the lead role in immunity
  • how imbalance in the digestive system can therefore lead to chronic inflammatory responses and resulting dis-ease

Learn more including how to achieve balance for your gut micro biome!

If you’d prefer to read my article instead of watching the video, you can read it on Thrive Global, where it was published.

Two places you can go for additional research and to hear amazing stories of how changing gut-health changes lives you might like to look at the work of Dr Terry Wahls and also Kirsty Wirth at Kultured Wellness

If you want a tool to help with the energetic balance of your digestive system the essential oil blend Digest Zen is amazing!

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