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Headache & Migraine – why you get them and how to treat them holistically

Headache and migraine are unfortunately one of the most common wellbeing complaints that I come across in my practise. As with any physical health or wellbeing concern, it is important to get to the underlying cause in order to prevent constant reoccurrence.  If we just keep taking painkillers we are ignoring the message that our body is sending us about something that needs to be dealt with on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In this video I discuss how to determine the root causes of headache and migraine as well as how to go about managing and treating the problem in a holistic way so that you can reduce the frequency and severity - and perhaps even prevent - future episodes. I talk about things that you can do from all aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing - Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being. Essential Oils can be extremely helpful when dealing with Headache & Migraine.  In my own home I do not have pain-killers in the first aid kit because I find that oils are more beneficial and less harmful for my family than medications. The ones that I find best are: Peppermint Past Tense If you'd prefer to read the full text of this Blog, rather than watching the video, it was published by Sivana East. Reiki healing is a wonderful way to treat underlying

Healing through Energetic Balance

Everything is energy and promoting healing in yourself with energy therefore makes total sense! In this video I talk about: the key aspects of energy medicine - prevention and finding underlying causes how energy works on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to promote healing why we need to be willing to let go of our wounds on all levels in order to heal chakras and what sort of energy each chakra is particularly aligned to the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing that we need to manage in order to retain energetic balance - Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings & Being My updated 7 Chakra Tips are now available!  Click here to access them for FREE! If you'd like to read my article instead of watching the video, it was published on Sivana East To access some energetic balance in order to promote healing Book Now. If you have any questions about any of this feel free to Contact me or Book a Complimentary Wellbeing Chat.

The Power of Pain

This video on the Power of Pain was recorded during National Pain Week (23-29th July 2018). In it I discuss the following aspects of pain: its purpose the metaphysical point of view my own recent experience with it treating it holistically with reiki using essential oils to treat it The Essential Oils I talk about Essential oils also work on all energetic levels of the body and provide a beautiful take home tool (for those not trained in Reiki!) to continue their treatment.  Essential oils all have a particular emotional journey that they help us to move along, which is perfect when we want to tackle the underlying emotional causes of our pain, without even necessarily knowing what they are. Interestingly all of the essential oils that have strong analgesic (pain killing) properties also help us with being emotionally stuck, constricted, fearful or controlled, which is so important when we remember that pain is giving us a message to stop and reassess something in our life. My top pick is Rosemary because it is strongly analgesic and also helps to eliminate emotional restrictions that prevent us from moving toward our higher purpose. Other oils that are useful here are: peppermint (especially where you need focus), fennel (especially where you feel unfulfilled), ginger (especially where you feel depleted), lavender (especially where you feel neglected), marjoram (especially where you feel anxious), and

Men’s Health Week: improving work life with Reiki

The theme of Men’s Health Week 2018 (11th-18thJune) is “Men & Families – making healthy connections”.  I love this multi-faceted theme! We can take from it that improved family connections can improve the health of men (and women, for that matter), that family can be very influential on the wellbeing of men, and that the emotional wellbeing of both men and women is dependent on connection with other humans and finding the right tribe.  Unfortunately it seems that men in general are not nearly as good at making and sustaining healthy connections as women are and this is one of the contributing factors to men’s health being overall a lot worse than women’s health.  Men die younger, have more preventable diseases, more accidents and a greater risk of lifestyle related disease than women, which is why Men’s Health Week is a thing! Men seek advice and interventions for symptoms at a rate that is much slower and less frequent than women, almost certainly contributing to their higher rates of disease and early morbidity.  What we really want everyone to do is to work on prevention and looking at underlying causes, rather than just band-aid solutions and treating symptoms. Western culture dictates that men should be outwardly strong, independent and largely silent about what is going on inside of them on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Men are

What does it mean when we talk about Holistic Health?

What does it mean when we talk about Holistic Health? You’ve got a random long term pain in your [insert relevant body part!] but you don’t remember doing anything to cause it. You’ve tried a few things – some panadol, a stretch your neighbor suggested, a hot water bottle – but nothing is working and that pain is still there, and has been now for months. Making your life fit your pain What often happens in chronic pain situations – even if it is just a niggling ‘little’ pain – is that we adjust our life around the pain! To see that in writing makes it seem totally ludicrous doesn’t it?! So what can happen is that you stop going to an exercise class that you love because it aggravates the pain, or even worse, you are just scared that it might aggravate the pain. You stop eating that healthy thing because you read an article saying that it can have a bad affect on your joints. You buy a whole new bed/ chair/ sofa because your pain means that you can’t get comfy like you used to. Now before I go any further, I would like to make it clear that what activities your do, the food you eat, and furniture you have CAN indeed have an impact on your body. I am not saying that they don’t. But

How Reiki can help Headache and Migraine, and improve your Wellbeing

How Reiki can help Headache and Migraine, and improve your Wellbeing Migraine. Headache. Overwhelming pain, dizziness, nausea, vision impairment. Wasting a day or more lying in a darkened room, unable to do all those things you need to do or care for people you need to care for. Taking pain killer after pain killer but finding that nothing helps and all you can do is wait out the migraine monster. Then to add insult to injury it is common to have a migraine ‘hangover’ for several days afterwards where you still feel well below par. Why just treating symptoms is not good enough Perhaps when you have a headache or migraine you use medication or some other therapy and find that it does give you temporary relief from the pain and discomfort. That is great at the time but if you are not exploring and treating the underlying cause of the problem then it will keep returning. Pain relief can only ever deal with symptoms, not underlying causes. Your body is designed to heal itself and you are being sent this pain sensation for a reason - your body is sending you a message – by treating the symptom you are ignoring that message – in a wellbeing sense you are shooting the messenger!! The problem with just treating the symptoms of migraine and headache and not addressing their underlying

Reiki or Massage – which treatment should you choose?

Reiki or Massage - which treatment should you choose? If you've decided that you want some body work to help improve your wellbeing - relieve stress, reduce pain, improve sleep, balance mood - but you don't know whether to choose reiki or massage then this video will allow you to beat the overwhelm of the decision making process and take some action, now! Many people assume that Reiki is a type of massage, but it is not!  There are a few similarities, as you will find out in this video, and certainly they do have many similar benefits but they are very different practices and it is important to work out which will better meet your current health needs. Here at Evenstar I do offer Aromatherapy Massage as well as Reiki.  Aromatherapy massage is an extremely gentle relaxation massage which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system through the use of essential oils. When you've watched the video and chosen to have some Reiki or an Aromatherapy Massage book an appointment here!  If you've still got some more unanswered questions please contact us.  

How does Distance Reiki Work?

How does Distance Reiki work? Are you struggling to find a reiki practitioner who is local to you or have you found a practitioner that you really like but they are not close by?  This video explains how Distance Reiki works and how you don't need to be in any physical proximity to a practitioner to receive the wonderful benefits of Reiki. Why is Distance Reiki a thing?!  Distance Reiki is based on the principles of quantum physics - everything is energy and we are all made of the same stuff.  'Matter' is not physical stuff but constantly moving energy and because energy is what we are working with in Reiki it can be sent to anywhere in the Universe.  Watch out martians!! If you have further questions about Distance Reiki or anything else reiki related please contact me!  To book an appointment to have some Distance Reiki with me click here.  Look forward to hearing from you!  

I’m feeling sick – should I have Reiki?

A client - and dear friend - rang me today to cancel her appointment because she has come down with a nasty cold, unfortunately a few days before she is flying overseas!  She was booked in for an aromatherapy massage, and as she was suffering from nasal congestion and feeling a bit feverish the idea of taking off her clothes and lying face down for 45 minutes was not appealing!  She was also concerned about giving me her germs. My first reaction was, of course, sympathy!  My second reaction was that my clients should not ever worry about giving me their illness.  I told Jules that I could protect myself, and I meant it most sincerely!  As Reiki Master I will always ensure that I protect myself from taking on the energies of other people and my use of essential oils gives me (and clients) added protection, through diffusing oils that have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic properties to ward off any germs that may lurk in my treatment room!  Really, would you not go to see your GP because you were sick and didn't want to give them your germs?  No, of course not.  My dream is that in the future more people will go to an energy healer as their first point of call for treatment of any illness.* Most illnesses have their origins in your energetic body.  In


Reiki is well recognised for its efficacy in pain relief. One of my most memorable successes with a client was a woman who was referred to me, wracked with the constant pain of fibromyalgia - a condition that western medicine struggles to deal with adequately. This poor lady came to me stating her level of pain was at an '8' - medically speaking severe pain that is 'utterly horrible'. After her treatment her level of pain had halved to a moderate '4'. Her pain remained at a reduced level and she came back for two more treatments over the next week, before transferring to a practitioner closer to home. Those kinds of results, and my client's commitment to her own wellbeing make my job so very meaningful.