Power of Pain

This video on the Power of Pain was recorded during National Pain Week (23-29th July 2018).

In it I discuss the following aspects of pain:

  • its purpose
  • the metaphysical point of view
  • my own recent experience with it
  • treating it holistically with reiki
  • using essential oils to treat it

The Essential Oils I talk about

Essential oils also work on all energetic levels of the body and provide a beautiful take home tool (for those not trained in Reiki!) to continue their treatment.  Essential oils all have a particular emotional journey that they help us to move along, which is perfect when we want to tackle the underlying emotional causes of our pain, without even necessarily knowing what they are.

Interestingly all of the essential oils that have strong analgesic (pain killing) properties also help us with being emotionally stuck, constricted, fearful or controlled, which is so important when we remember that pain is giving us a message to stop and reassess something in our life.

My top pick is Rosemary because it is strongly analgesic and also helps to eliminate emotional restrictions that prevent us from moving toward our higher purpose.

Other oils that are useful here are: peppermint (especially where you need focus), fennel (especially where you feel unfulfilled), ginger (especially where you feel depleted), lavender (especially where you feel neglected), marjoram (especially where you feel anxious), and roman chamomile (especially where you are potentially being rigid about a change you need to make).

As always you can diffuse the oils or inhale a drop from a tissue or hanky.  You can also apply the oils topically where you feel pain, remembering to dilute them with sorbolene or a carrier oil, especially if you have sensitive skin.
NB. During pregnancy the safe oils listed above are lavender, ginger and roman chamomile, do not use the others.

The full version of my article on this topic was published by My Body + Soul if you prefer to read for learning!