For many people in the modern Western world there is a great big disconnect in their ability to see themselves as spiritual beings as well as physical bodies.  This really means that most of us are walking around with imbalance in the energy centre that is associated with soulfulness and connection - the 7th Chakra, or Crown Chakra.

Some common physical or emotional signs and symptoms of 7th Chakra imbalance are:

  • acute or dulled sense of pain
  • neurological issues
  • numbness
  • having the looks and energy of someone much older or younger than you are
  • sensitivity to surroundings
  • abnormal day/ night patterns
  • headache or migraine
  • pineal gland issues

If these are things that you are regularly dealing with in your physical life then you might like to consider bringing back some more balance into the Crown of your energy.  This video will give you further insight into how to tell if you do have an imbalanced 7th Chakra and also what to do about it if you do!

If you would prefer to read the full text of the Blog, it was published by Sivana.

I mention that you can use Crystals and Essential Oils to help promote balance through the Surroundings aspect of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing.  These are the ones that I would recommend for your Crown Chakra:


  • Diamond – spiritual evolution, life purpose, brain health
  • Sapphire – balances physical and spiritual, spiritual truth, meditation
  • Clear Quartz – master healer, energiser

Essential oils 

For overactivity:

  • Geranium – brings about connection when feeling disassociated
  • Lemon – increases rationality in place of bewilderment
  • Yarrow – helps you to move towards balance when you are being unrealistic
    Purify, PastTense and Affirm blends from DoTerra

 For underactivity:

  • Geranium – brings about connection when feeling disassociated
  • Peppermint – moves you towards your purpose when you lack focus
  • Tea tree – will help you to move from intolerance to empathy
  • Neroli – brings about trust in divine will when making choices
  • Black Pepper – will help you go from denial to acknowledgement
  • Purify, PastTense and Affirm blends from DoTerra