How to Focus and Clear your Mind

The modern world is full of SOOO many distractions that it’s really a wonder that anything gets achieved anywhere!! Screens, devices, apps, reminders, emails, messages, calls wherever you are, at whatever time of day the caller ‘needs’ you… All of these things can be majorly disruptive when you are trying to focus and get things ticked off that never ending to-do list. This time of year many of our young people (and some not-so-young) are heading into exam and assessment season and focus is essential both during the preparation study time and also during the exam itself.

What happens (or doesn’t happen) when you can’t focus?

If you are not able to focus then your results will suffer. This is true for work, study and life! Results may even be non-existent when we are not able to get things done. Even worse is the situation where a lack of focus results in a decision being made or an action being taken that is bad, dangerous or destructive.

The Energy Centre responsible for focus

If you lack focus, clear thinking and the ability to quickly and easily make decisions then it is likely that your 6th Chakra – the Third Eye – is out of balance. The 7 Chakras are the main energy centres of the body and are active on all energetic levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are many other smaller energy centres in the body that follow the energy pathways, or meridians.  Chakras are areas that especially like to receive energy.

The proper name for the Third Eye Chakra is Ajna. It is located in the middle of your forehead. It is the energy centre associated with clear thinking and insight. Imbalance in this chakra can manifest itself in physical ways including headache and migraine (if this is a condition that you suffer from then you might like to have a look at this blog). Other neurological conditions may also be present with third eye imbalance including seizures; as well as sleep problems such as insomnia and nightmares; vision problems or issues with the scalp or hair.

How to improve focus


There are other things that can affect our ability to focus and the balance of your 6th chakra, including a lack of sleep. If lack of sleep is a problem for you then check out my blog on the essential oils that can help to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Make sure that you keep your caffeine intake to a minimum. A couple of cups of tea or coffee a day is okay but don’t let it become too many more. Swap a caffeinated hot drink for a herbal tea or lemon juice in hot water. Especially avoid caffeine late in the day – it has a half life of 6 hours (ie. Half of what you have consumed remains in your body after 6 hours) which means that it can then affect your sleep.

Food and Drink

Food is the energy that we supply to our bodies and therefore food affects our third eye and our focus.

Generally avoiding drugs and alcohol is also recommended if you are dealing with a third eye imbalance and of course you don’t want to be trying to study or concentrate on anything when you are under the influence of any substance, or especially when you are suffering from the after-effects of overindulgence!

Soft drinks are a big no no overall but especially avoid the caffeinated ones – colas and so called ‘energy’ drinks are really bad news for interfering with the body’s natural energies, and have been labeled by the World Health Organisation as a ‘danger to public health’.

Then there’s food. Eating whole foods that come from the earth are the best option for improving your focus, as well as your wellbeing overall! Sugar and other high-GI foods are especially bad – you get a brief energy high – and then a long slump and inability to concentrate. So, to all you teenagers and parents of teenagers out there, make sure you have healthy study snacks on hand.

Here are some suggestions, for snack foods that are fantastic for focus:

  • Avocado: put a little lemon juice or cider vinegar, olive oil and salt in the hole left by the stone and scoop it out of the skin!
  • Blueberries: berries are the best! Nature’s lollies! Just make sure you buy these organic
  • Veggie sticks: steamed broccoli and celery are both great for focus, cut a bunch of these genius foods up at the start of the day and nibble on them throughout, of course you can add other veggies for colour and variety too – carrots, radishes, capsicum, mushrooms, whatever!
  • Walnuts: they look like brains and they are great for the brain, nuts are always a surprisingly filling snack option
  • Eggs: the yolks are especially good for brain health, boil some eggs whilst you’re eating brekkie and then you’ve got them to snack on during the day. Only buy free range eggs because a distressed chook is going to produce a distressed egg!
  • Dark chocolate: okay so I saved the best for last! Not all chocolate is created equal though, so make sure you buy at least 70% cacao stuff and brands like Pana and Loving Earth have delicious options that don’t contain cane sugar


As with all Chakra imbalance, meditation is highly recommended to help bring balance back. Meditation is also fantastic for focus and problem solving because it improves the connections between the two hemispheres of the brain – allowing for creativity and analytical thought to occur simultaneously. There are so many apps and YouTube videos out there to help you get into meditation. Just do it!

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is wonderful for helping to balance the third eye, and all other chakras too. This is because energy healing works on your energies at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Energetic healing is a great support tool to use for study as well as any other situations where a clear head and ability to focus are critical.

Essential Oil

Essential oils affect all the energetic levels of the body, so will work on your mental and emotional states, as well as physical. The DoTerra blend In Tune was especially created to improve focus. InTune contains Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Lime essential oils to assist with clarity and focus, as well as Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile to help calm and soothe.

InTune comes in a ready to use roll-on applicator making it super easy to have with you at all times – in your pocket, school bag, or briefcase.  Apply it to the back of your neck (just under the hairline where it is as close as you can get to your brain stem) or to the neuro-lymphatic points on your temples or wrists to give you that instant boost that you need to focus more and stress less!!

The Evenstar Wellbeing Shop has several other oils available under the Focus category too!

Open your eye!

In order to physically open your third eye I want you to imagine that you are Cyclops and you have a big eye in the middle of your forehead. With your fingers open that imaginary eye-lid. Do this a few times each morning and night – visulaise the energy centre as you are doing it – a beautiful indigo clockwise spinning wheel taking you deep within your mind to a place of fabulous focus.

If you would like any further information about improving your focus and thinking clearly – or anything else! – then please contact me.

If you are ready to improve your focus and clear your mind now, book a time for a energy healing and balancing session with me!