Physical environment

Have you ever wondered why some places just don’t feel right to you?  Why you really get the heeby jeebies whenever you have to go to Auntie Maud’s or you will do anything possible to get out of going to a particular shop?  Do you sometimes get a craving to get yourself into a big park or down to a beach?

Surroundings is one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing (the others being food, movement, sleep, and being).  This means that even if you do all the other 4 right, you are still missing a major piece of the puzzle if you don’t spend the majority of your time in surroundings that are right for you.

What are your Surroundings?

In this context your Surroundings are literally whatever it is that surrounds you. Obviously on any given day you will most likely spend time in several different environments.  All of your senses are involved in determining how you feel about an environment – what can you see, smell, touch, and hear within a space. Do you find those things agreeable? Something as simple as a particular colour dominating a room can completely change your energetic response to that space.

Why do our Surroundings affect us?

It comes back to science!  Everything is energy and everything is therefore made up of tiny particles of constantly moving matter.  Every matter has its own frequency and if your own core energy vibrates at a very different frequency to say a particular colour, you will not find that colour energetically attractive and you will not enjoy spending a lot of time in an environment dominated by that colour.


The tiny subatomic particles of energy that all matter is made of are electrons and protons.  Electrons have a negative charge and protons have a positive charge.  When a molecule of matter loses electrons it will become what is known as a positive ion because it has more protons than electrons and is therefore positively charged.

However, this is where the positive aspect of positive ions ends!  Excessive exposure to positive ions has been found to have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing      – contributing to depression, anxiety and fatigue, as well as physical health issues including asthma.

Living in cities we are constantly exposed to high levels of positive ions from electrical appliances, lights and pollution, and the environment inside our homes is the same – rather than being a haven from this!  The good new is that Negative ions are produced in abundance near plants and moving water.

Why does being in Nature feel so good?

Increasing numbers of studies are showing that being out of cities and in touch with natural environments is very beneficial to wellbeing.  One of the key reasons for this is ionic balance.  When we are away from high levels of positive ions and immersed in abundant negative ions we can more easily regain energetic balance ourselves.  Being in nature will increase your mood, energy levels and positive outlook.

Connection with the Earth

Having direct contact with the earth will also allow your body to become energetically rebalanced again.  Unfortunately again, living in cities and constantly wearing shoes we often do not give ourselves the opportunity to physically connect with the Earth, the source of all life.  Our ancestors were constantly touching the earth – walking, sitting, and sleeping on the ground. Indigenous peoples all around the world still understand the importance of this connection, a connection from the heart to the earth.

How to regain your energetic balance

If you can’t get into the country then go somewhere as natural as possible – a park, a river, the beach – walk barefoot on the ground, hug a tree, swim in the water. You simply need to do this as often as possible.  Your own garden will be great for you if you can’t go anywhere else.

Turn off anything electrical at the power point when you are not using it.

Open your windows, even in the middle of winter make sure that some fresh air gets into your home as frequently as possible.

Buy a Salt lamp.  A Himalyan salt lamp will increase the negative ions in the space.  Just make sure you get a real one not a fake plastic one, which will do the opposite!  You should be able to see the salt crumbling a little off the lamp.

Essential oils – these wonderful oils come from plants.  Oils such as Tea Tree or Purify blend will clear a space on an energetic level

Reiki – of course Reiki is all about energetic balance and will help to move energy on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – increasing ionic balance and will have many of the same benefits as getting into nature!  Book an appointment now or feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Another vlog related to this topic is How Grounded are You.  Enjoy!