Is Reiki only useful when you have a wellbeing issue?  Do you have something coming up that you know is going to be stressful to your mind, body or spirit?  Perhaps you are booked in to have some surgery, or you have to look after a bunch of sick people in your house; or you have a massive week coming up at work – project deadlines, functions every night; or perhaps you have a personal issue that is due to be dealt with – mediation, difficult conversation with your teenager, or you have to attend a funeral for someone dear to your heart.  Any of these things and many more can cause enormous stress.  If we don’t deal with our stressors on the spiritual level, and the emotional level, they will move to the physical level and some kind of dis-ease will result.

Reiki is a fantastic proactive, preventative measure that you can use to keep yourself well, especially when you know you are going to be facing difficult circumstances.

This video also talks about some simple preventative measures that you can take yourself to protect and promote your own wellbeing.

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