Sacral Chakra

This was what I did last Friday night…Book Group! I was working on my Sacral Chakra by enjoying some of the good things in life (and yes, if you’ve read my sugar blog the cake did have sugar in it!!), and also indulging one of my lifetime passions – reading!

I started a book group with my dear friend, Julie, back when our oldest boys were in Grade 1 – wow that’s a long time ago!  We have had members come and go but we’ve always had around 10-12 of them.  All women, all mums – just because they are the peeps we hang with!  We meet monthly and one of the best things about having a book group – apart from the great excuse to gossip and drink wine – is that you get to read stuff you wouldn’t otherwise read.  Everyone has the opportunity to suggest a book each year and we always end up with a wonderful patchwork of reading delights.  Reading is how I get to sleep at night and generally not something I do any other time of day unless I’m on holidays. I literally could not imagine a life without books!

The sacral chakra is all about passion and creativity, as well as relationships, including communication with others.  If your sacral chakra is open and balanced you will feel appreciation of the good things in life, including the arts and the creativity of others.  It is the chakra associated with a healthy sex life too! The weekend should include at least a little bit of sacral chakra work for everyone – what are you going to do to ignite your passion or creativity? Whatever it is I hope it is beautiful!

If you feel that your sacral chakra is out of balance Reiki will help.  For further information about Chakra Balance check out our Chakra Information Sheets.