Stress & Pregnancy

Pregnancy gets talked a lot about in the media, especially when it relates to celebrities.  What never seems to be discussed though is the affects that chronic stress (including from media attention) can have on both the pregnant woman, and her unborn child.

Unfortunately many people suffer from chronic stress in the modern world, which has great risks to health and wellbeing.

When pregnant women are in this situation there are potential risks to their unborn child as well as themselves.

This video discusses the risks of chronic stress to everyone, including pregnant women, as well as the research that is starting to be done on health and wellbeing outcomes for babies whose mothers are stressed throughout pregnancy.

Most importantly you can learn how to manage stress when pregnant!  One of the things I mention is Lavender essential oil, which is one essential oil that is completely safe to use during pregnancy.  I have also had clients get great benefits out of meditation using Circle & Bloom.

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