How often do you show and tell your authentic self to the world? So often in this modern world of social media we only share the good stuff, which is really not a true depiction of our whole selves and what we think and feel and have to say.

My prediction is that there will be ever-increasing numbers of people with emotional, mental and physical issues that stem from imbalance in the Throat chakra, which is the energy centre associated with Truth – being authentic, being open and making decisions.

The Throat is the 5th Chakra out of 7 – the 7 main energy centres that we all have, and where our bodies (on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are especially open to receiving energy.

The areas of the physical body where throat chakra imbalances manifest are:

  • Throat and thyroid conditions
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Fast or slow metabolism and weight management issues
  • Very large or very small appetite
  • Very large or very small mouth
  • Regular indigestion and/ or bad breath
  • Super fast or super slow eating style
  • Ear and nose problems
  • Heightened or reduced senses of taste, smell, or hearing
  • Problems with teeth or jaw (including TMJ pain)
  • Neck pain
  • Dry, chapped lips

In the video I discuss other personality, mental and emotional signs of throat chakra imbalance, as well as ways that you can bring balance back again.  If you prefer to read the full Blog, it was published on Sivana East.

The essential oils that are most useful when dealing with Throat Chakra imbalance are:

For overactivity

  • Tea tree – will help you to move from intolerance to empathy
  • Neroli – brings about trust in divine will when making choices
  • Black Pepper – will help you go from denying responsibility for your words to acknowledgement
  • Easy Air and Forgive blends from DoTerra

For underactivity

  • Basil – will overcome insecurity and bring about communication
  • Jasmine – will bring about trust when you are afraid
  • Lemongrass – will make you once again feel emotionally expansive instead of constrained
  • Easy Air and Peace blends from DoTerra

The crystals that I would recommend to assist Throat Chakra imbalance are:

  • Aquamarine – courage, clarity, tolerance, letting go, throat, thyroid, jaw & teeth
  • Turquoise – protection, communication, expression, calm
  • Lapis Lazuli – heals wounds caused by not speaking out in the past, inner truth, self expression, honesty, opinions, listening, throat, thyroid

Energy healing is always be beneficial for any chakra imbalance. Book an appointment now!