Motivation to exercise

It’s Spring in Australia, and summer will soon be here, and all over social media and all other advertising are messages to act now and get your ‘Summer Body’. Do these messages fail to have an action-oriented impact on you? Do you know you really should get off your butt and get going but just can’t?  This blog, and attached video, cover my 6 Top Tips for Motivating yourself to Exercise!

Not to beat about the bush but the problem with not exercising is that it will lead to lower levels of wellbeing, illness and premature death. Are you awake now?!  The simple truth is that the human body is meant to move! Unless you have been sitting (no pun intended) under a rock you have probably heard that sitting is considered to be the ‘new smoking’. What does this really mean? It means that sitting is REALLY bad for you and most people do it WAY too much. This was the same with smoking throughout the middle decades of the 20th century – most people did it without any awareness of the harm it was doing them. Are you standing up now?!

What I am going to talk about here has nothing to do with getting a ‘summer body’ or desiring weight loss as motivators to get yourself to exercise. What I am passionate about is getting people to recognise that exercising is fundamental if they want to simply Be Well.

Here are my Top 6 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise:

  1. Natural happy drugs – exercise stimulates the secretion of natural feel good substances called endorphins. So if you want to feel better this will get you on the way! Even when you feel really mentally exhausted you will feel better for exercising. So don’t let having a really tough day at work be an excuse for not exercising. Let it be a reason for exercising!
  2. Sleep improvement – exercise improves both the quality and quantity of your sleep. We all know that feeling when you are physically tired because you have worked all day in the garden or painting your house or shopping, and then that night you have a long and deep sleep because your brain can’t fight with the body’s desire to rest! However, having said that it can be better not to exercise in the evening because of the stimulating effects of the endorphins (see #1)!  If you still have trouble getting to or staying asleep, I have other Blogs about this, just search for ‘sleep’ on the Blog Page.
  3. Essential bodily functions – exercise increases circulation allowing more efficient and effective delivery of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food you eat to all parts of your body. Even more important than increased circulation is the fact that if your muscles don’t move then your lymphatic system can’t operate. The lymphatic system is a one way waste removal system that allows your whole body to constantly detoxify.  But it only works if you move your muscles. The contraction and expansion of muscles literally moves the lymph. So what happens if you don’t move? Wastes build up, literally poisoning your system. Think about what your neighbourhood would look like if the garbage trucks were unable to move through the streets and collect the garbage – piles of rubbish everywhere! That is what your insides look like when you don’t exercise! Remember, everything is energy, so this waste build up is like big piles of negative energy sitting inside of you!
  4. Use it or lose it – you’ve heard this term before but have you ever thought about the fact that your heart is a big muscle? So what is going to happen if you are not exercising and ensuring that your heart gets a workout? It may just stop working completely…!
  5. Immune stimulation – exercise stimulates the immune system, causing changes in antibodies and white blood cells and allowing your body to better fight off illness and infection. Again we’re really talking about energy, and exercise promoting positive energy in the body.
  6. Reiki – because Reiki works on all levels of the energetic body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – it will help you to feel motivated to look after yourself.   Reiki will balance your energies. It is not a therapy that works on a cognitive level – you don’t need to think about what is happening or even articulate why you aren’t motivated to exercise – how awesome is that?! The reiki energy will bring you back into energetic balance so that you can heal yourself and improve your overall wellbeing through exercise.

Motivation and ‘get up and go’ is greatly influenced by your Third Chakra and there is more information about this on this Blog and a Video. Please have a look for further information.

If you would like more information about this, or anything else to do with your Wellbeing, please contact me.

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