Cold and Flu – which essential oils are useful?  Are you, or someone you care for, suffering through multiple colds and flus this winter?  If so then these videos should be very useful.  It is a series of videos (Part 1 and Part 2) about which essential oils I recommend using when you or someone you are caring for is coming down with, or already suffering from, a cold or flu.

I will talk about how our bodies are actually designed to heal themselves. When we have a cold or flu our body is giving us a message to STOP.  The traditional treatment for cold and flu of ‘resting and keeping up your fluids’ is actually spot on!  Unfortunately listening to our bodies and giving them time to rest and recover is not readily accepted in today’s Western society.  We are expected to ‘soldier on’ with a cold and keep doing everything we would normally do.  Because of this societal expectation allopathic cold and flu ‘remedies’ are readily available that treat the symptoms of the illness and therefore allow us to keep going with our normal lives.  However, this actually slows down and prevents the natural healing processes of your body.  You cough to remove irritants, you have excess mucous production because your body is protecting and moisturising itself, you have a fever because your body is fighting the infection.  Often when you take over the counter medications these things cannot occur.

The benefit of using essential oils is that they do not prevent the body’s natural healing processes from taking place.  They do however provide relief from symptoms and also support your body back into balance.

In the videos recommend 2 essential oil blends – Easy Air and On Guard.  They are especially useful to start using the minute you feel like you are coming down with something!  Needless to say this is also the time to start to allow yourself to rest!

I use DoTerra essential oils exclusively because they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils.  This is explained further in the second video. I offer these beautiful, powerful oils at a minimum discount of  15% off RRP via my Shop.

Reiki is also a powerful tool to support the natural healing processes of your body.  It will help to bring all your energetic levels – spiritual, emotional/ mental and physical – back into balance, which is where they need to be for healing to occur.  And yes you should have a Reiki session even if you have a cold – your practitioner will be able to protect themselves and their healing space from infection – I have previously written a blog about this!

Hopefully it goes without saying that these videos do not take the place of medical care and that it is recommended you consult a GP or alternative medical practitioner for any physical or psychological ailment that you may have. If you have a cold there is unfortunately very little that your GP can do for you other than right you a medical certificate (so you can STOP at least in the area of your work life) and tell you to rest. You have a cold because your body is telling you that anyway! If you or those you care for get Influenza then the illness needs very careful monitoring as it is potentially fatal especially in those that have weakened or compromised immunity to begin with.

Videos appear on the Evenstar Reiki Yarraville Facebook page on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings – so you can watch out for them at those times. They will always be posted on our YouTube Channel as well if you are not a Facebooker!

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