What Causes Allergies?

Short answer:  potentially anything!

Exploring the underlying metaphysical causes of your allergies can result in long-lasting relief that is much more beneficial than simply taking medication to deal with symptoms!  In the video above you’ll get the answers you’re looking for! (Feel free to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for so many more videos that will all help you get your energy and balance back).

If you prefer to read my article on the topic, it was published by Sivana East.

Essential Oils for Allergies

Using essential oils is a wonderful way to enhance your body’s innate ability to heal itself of allergies (and many other things of course).

These are the oils that I would recommend when dealing with respiratory allergies:

  • tea tree: is an immune stimulant, as well as being cleansing in the physical environment, and on an emotional level.  Tea tree is the oil of energetic boundaries.
  • eucalyptus: increases cellular oxygen supply, has a crisp and clearing aroma and is the oil of wellness
  • german chamomile: is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, and helps you to release feelings of being imposed upon and breathe freely
  • lemongrass: is anti-inflammatory whilst also stimulating the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. Lemongrass is the oil of cleansing.
  • douglas fir: is invigorating and anti-catarrhal (helps with moving phlegm).  As the oil of generational wisdom, Douglas Fir is especially useful in overcoming ‘hereditary’ allergies
  • thyme: stimulates circulation and immunity, particularly useful when the throat is irritated.  Thyme is the oil of releasing and forgiving so will help you to get over whatever or whomever you’re really allergic too!

Where to buy Essential Oils?

Always ensure that you only buy pure essential oils.  And yes, because they are pure and each tiny bottle requires a lot of plant material and intensive labour to create it, they are not cheap!  When you buy ‘essential’ oils from discount pharmacies or low end department stores they are almost certainly not pure, and probably contain artificial additives that are definitely not going to help your allergies, or your health in general.  My Blog On the Nose will give you lots more detail on this.

You can indeed purchase pure, therapeutic grade essential oils through Evenstar Wellbeing – and you will NEVER pay RRP!  I only stock DoTerra oils because I believe in the purity of the product, the research and development that this global organisation does before putting products on the market, and their wonderful ethical approach to business which means that they work with farmers to source plant materials in ways in which benefit them, their local community and planet earth.  I have a small range of oils available in my online Shop, but if there is something that you’re after but can’t see there just get in touch because the complete DoTerra range is available. If you’re interested in purchasing a few oils you may like to set up your own – no strings attached – wholesale essential oils account which you can do here.

Feel free to book in a Complimentary Wellbeing Chat if you’ve got any questions or want further advice on which oils will work best for you.