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Truth or Dare: what does ‘speaking your truth’ mean and why you should care

Truth or Dare: what does speaking your truth mean and why you should care Do you regularly speak your truth? Do you know what that means? Do you care?! Of course we all have our own version of the truth. Sometimes your version of the truth will be the same as someone else’s and sometimes it won’t. It can be incredible the number of different truths out there about the same thing! My truth about what ‘speaking your truth’ means is that it encompasses freely expressing your thoughts and feelings verbally. In many circumstances this can be much easier said than done (no pun intended!) Some people find it incredibly easy, and may even perhaps talk too much and too often, but in my experience these people are not as commonly found as those of us who find it tricky to use our voices. Energetically and metaphysically speaking the energy of how well and how easily you use your voice comes from what I like to call the Truth Energy Centre. You may have heard this also called your Throat Chakra. It is the 5th of 7 essential energies, which impact and are affected by every aspect of your life and your wellbeing.  These essential energies are the focus of my work as a healer and holistic health coach. What you need to know about your Truth Energy Having balanced

How to find Love

How to find love Love is at your centre, your very core. There you go, I gave you the answer right at the beginning! For, no, this is not a piece about dating, or tips on falling in love...but please keep reading. True to my purpose to investigate and uncover what lies beneath, this is about the roots of love. It's about going back to what needs to happen before you can extend unconditional love to another human being (through choice rather than biology). This is about the underlying cause of why love is missing, and the original source of self love. This is about the energy of love. Where do you feel love? You don’t even need to think about the answer do you? Did your hand stray to the middle of your chest? Did you re-live that feeling of fullness, of goodness bursting out that you have when you’re so happy in the company of those you love? Or perhaps, what came back instead was the ache, the heaviness, the emptiness that you feel when something makes you sad, or lonely, or hurt. Those imprinted feelings that you have. In your heart. I wonder if you know these things about your heart: Your heart was formed and began beating in your mother's womb before your brain developed. It has its own nervous system, consisting of around 40 thousand

The Variability of the Heart

Heart Rate Variability ? I am very excited to bring you this introduction into Heart Rate Variability (HRV) because it is an amazingly simple tool that you have available - literally any time, any place - to improve your management of stress! In the video you will learn some amazing facts about the human heart the difference between heart rate and heart rate variability how your heart controls your brain and your emotional state how to decrease stress using HRV The full text of my Blog on this was published by Sivana East, and it includes instructions for how you can start to improve your Heart Rate Variability today! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.  I am delighted to now have a HRV monitor on hand to use in client sessions.  It's a great feedback tool that enables my clients to get an objective understanding of how well they are coping with stress.  Book a session NOW! There is also a heap more information, research and training available from the Heart Math Institute if this is a topic that has gotten your heart racing!

Setting Intentions for 2019 with the January New Moon

I much prefer to talk about intentions for the new year, rather than resolutions!  The word 'intention' to me has a much deeper, internal, more feminine energy than 'resolution', which sounds so external and hard! The best time for writing intentions for the new year is arguably with the first new moon of the year - as this energy always supports us to the sow the seeds of what we want to reap in the future. I recommend a 3 list approach to writing your intentions for the new year, I discuss this approach in this video and also the full Blog, which was published by Sivana East. I also suggest taking a very holistic approach of looking at your life with regards to what intentions you want to set.  To make this easier you might like to consider the Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing aspects of Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being. Our first Yin Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Circle of 2019 will give you the opportunity to truly release what is no longer serving you, providing the space to bring in what you want to bring in for the year. May 2019 bring you Peace & Freedom, Love & Happiness and Health & Wellbeing!

Playful Energy

Many of us don’t have enough play in our lives.  I am certainly guilty of this!  It’s mainly being self-employed that does it for me – I find it hard to prioritise play! I don’t skimp on spending time to look after my wellbeing – I take all the time necessary to shop for and cook fresh organic food to nourish myself, I spend 1-2 hours exercising most days, I am pretty careful to ensure that I get enough good quality sleep and I keep my surroundings as toxin-free as possible. But I don’t prioritise doing stuff just for fun.  If I make a commitment to catch up with friends then I will always stick to that but I rarely initiate catch-ups myself these days.  I always make sure that I have some quality time with my kids – dinner time conversations, going to the footy, seeing movies we all want to see. But when I am left to my own devices I will spend every possible minute working!  I am lucky because I do actually love what I do and am very passionate about it but I don’t love that I would feel somewhat guilty if I took a day off to go bushwalking or I spent the night just binge watching Netflix or taking an hour to have a bath. Ironically I began writing this piece and then got

Work Life Balance: the holy grail of modern women?

Secrets of that illusive thing called work-life balance that you'd love to know! Recorded on the eve of International Women's Day, watch this video to hear tips from women who are succeeding in their quest for better work-life balance as they #pressforprogress, and also how women are driving the adoption of a wellness culture in their workplaces. Taking time out for ourselves as women, especially when we play many roles including mother, partner, daughter, friend on top of the role we play in order to earn money, can be very difficult.  But if you stop to think about what would happen if you collapsed in a heap because you hadn't been looking after yourself then everything is put into perspective.  Looking after yourself is actually the least selfish thing that you can do! If you'd prefer to read all about it Kochie's Business Builders published my article 4 Reasons why Small Business need a Workplace Wellness Strategy in March. To get back some energetic balance and wellbeing why not book a session with me now! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat more about how work-life balance is affecting your wellbeing.

Letting go of the old to make room for the new

You may think on a conscious level that you're over something that caused you sadness, anguish, fury or frustration and yet change is just not happening in your life? The problem is that often we hold onto the past on an unconscious and cellular level and whilst this is happening there is just no room for new positivity to move in as a replacement! Heart Chakra I wrote this Blog in the week that had Valentine’s Day, rapidly followed by the New Moon Solar Eclipse and thus was a big week for heart energy. The heart chakra (one of the 7 energy centres found at all levels of the body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is the fourth chakra and is commonly recognised as the energetic centre of love.  This refers to your ability to both give and receive love.  What is less commonly known though, is that the heart chakra is also strongly associated with your ability to let things go.  To let go of people, situations or things that no longer serve you.  This is all about letting go once you have processed your sadness, grief, and/ or anger on a conscious level.  (For more information about dealing with grief check out my Blog on that topic.) New Moon New Moons are always about sowing new seeds, putting things in place to make change.  But of course it

New Year’s Resolutions. You Are Enough.

Do you find it difficult to make New Year’s resolutions? Do you think that it’s a waste of time, a pointless exercise? Or on the other hand, do you love the concept, and spend the 31st December furiously scribbling a long list of things that you want to do differently in the new year, only to find that you’re back to your old habits again by mid January? Why is marking the New Year important? If you can honestly say that there is nothing that you would like to change about your life then you are to be saluted! If that is the case, just keep on doing what you’re doing, because you’re obviously doing it right! Namaste! Most of you out there however probably operate on a slightly lower vibration and can think of several things that you would like to change about your life! The thing is that as much as you might think that New Years is just an excuse for people to drink a lot, stay up late and have a kiss, the start of a new calendar year actually is significant. In modern day life you are often too busy doing the ‘do’ to stop, take stock and work out where your life is going and how you want to take better control of the reins on that journey. Marking the start of a new

Preparing for Conception on all Energetic Levels

Are you trying to fall pregnant or even thinking about trying? Perhaps you’ve been doing all the things that your doctor tells you to do – exercising, losing weight, taking multi-vitamins and not drinking caffeine or alcohol. But have you been preparing the other energetic levels of your body – mental, emotional and spiritual – for conception and pregnancy? Many women, although they put lots of effort into preparing their physical body in order to conceive do not do the same for all the other areas of their wellbeing, and the problem with this approach is that they are only 30% prepared! All energetic levels are equal and in fact the physical level is the lowest, or last, level of importance. The most critical work to do is on your mind and spirit when dealing with any health concern. Key Negative Emotions There are a three key emotional aspects to be aware of when preparing for conception – fear, guilt and self-love. It is important to remember that things on the emotional, mental and spiritual energetic levels do not necessarily manifest themselves on the conscious plane. You may not be aware of how or why you are feeling an emotion.  You may look at the name of the emotion and not recognise that it applies to you. Research into epigenetics is now showing that in fact our emotions can be

3 Unhealthy things you spend your money on because you think they will make you feel better!

Are you always spending money on things that you are sure will make you feel better, or make your life better, only to turn around the next week and have to spend some more of your hard earned cash because things actually haven’t changed?! We are most definitely a consumer society. A throw-away society. A society where you just have to have the latest iPhone every year because of our ingrained and chronic FOMO (fear of missing out) and our Compare and Despair addiction (aka keeping up with the Joneses)! When was the last time that you actually invested in your health and wellbeing and brought about some positive change in your life? Perhaps you are struggling to think back that far!? Or perhaps you are thinking that you’d like to invest in your wellbeing but you can’t afford it? These are some things that you could be wasting your money on, although you think that they will make you feel better! Things you Consume This is the one that we have all been guilty of at some time or another, because it’s all widely available, quick to obtain and relatively low cost. There are 3 main groups here: (1) Alcohol and Cigarettes (2) Unhealthy food (3) Miracle pills and supplements. You have a bad day and find yourself buying a chocolate bar at lunchtime, or picking up a pack

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